Tasting Death

‘I tell you solemnly, there are some standing here who will not taste death before they see the kingdom of God come with power.’ Mark 9:1

Pondering…physical death? Or the death of the “worldly person” not reborn into the faith that should have been growing in each person, upon hearing Jesus speak and seeing His work first hand.. The second Jesus began his mission, the Kingdom of Heaven began to grow. The carpenter was now the Messiah, soon to be the King of the Jews, and for ever, the King of Glory. The Kingdom of Heaven on earth arrived the day of His birth. Just as the “Mustard Seed”, small at first, just a seed, which was planted, died and sprouted to bring forth “New Life”. Upon hearing Jesus and seeing the miracles, faith in Him should have began to grow.

I often think of St. Thomas the Apostle who even after the resurrected Christ appeared to the other apostles, refused to believe until he verified the resurrected Christ himself, by sticking his hand in the wounds of our Lord.

I also ponder this scripture in regards to the Scribes and the Pharisees. Most of them didn’t care what miracles Christ performed or how many were cured. They were to blinded by there own “Worldly” hate and jealousy to see anything but a threat. Jesus certainly was not the military leader THEY believe the Messiah should be. Someone else I would toss into this category is Judas Iscariot. What did Judas see before his own death? What almighty power was unleashed on him? Was he confronted face to face with the truth of Christ being the Son of God and could not cope knowing what he had done?

In pondering this scripture, I must keep in mind, the full Glory of God to come again!

How many times have we in our own lives, seen Jesus work with us, speak to us in our hearts and felt that absolute peace KNOWING He has helped us, did we go right back to worrying about how we were going to handle the next situation we ran across? If your like me, I bet that answer is most of the time.Forgetting like gnats what grace is given to us daily.

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