The Wedding Of A Soul

Spiritual Marriage

He chooses and makes Himself known to her.
The bride to be has time to accept..
If she says yes…A ring is given..
She receives it, and places it in the hand of her Mother In Law, so it can never be given back. The Bride Groom continues to court His bride from afar, insuring her love for Him.

The love between the two is undeniable..
The day of the wedding, many gather to prepare the Mother In Law…
She is paraded and sung to and the Bride Groom is in attendance after…

The bride goes unnoticed by the attendants.. But is in the hand of her Bride Groom.
The bride knows the love He has for her and after the guests in attendance “Salut” the Bride Groom and sing to Him, the Lovers go their separate ways, but together eternally joined.. Consummating the Marriage through “Word”, never to be separated…

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