My Place Of Refuge

“Yahweh is my rock and my fortress, my deliverer is my God. I take refuge in him, my rock, my shield, my saving strength, my stronghold, my place of refuge” Psalms – Chapter 18 2

I no longer exist. The “Me” I used to be, is dead. I can only live through Christ. Everything I do is for our Lord. One Love, one sacrifice, one Glory all His. The pains I experience throughout my life are now nothing. His sacrifice is everything. He is my all. He is my Lord Jesus Christ.

My soul is so entangled with the True Vine, there is no escape from the love I have been consumed by. He chokes out all evil and the soul becomes captivated to only Him. All the love I can give is trumped by His love. Through His love for each soul, a new universe is created for each. When this happens, the explosion of the senses is overwhelming that no words exist to describe it. The interior of my being is all consumed by Him. The solitude on the outside can only be what our Lord also experienced in the garden of Gethsemane, and through His life as man. Knowing full, our existence here in physical body is terminal for now but our soul is His for eternity, to be united to His becoming one body. The beauty and fullness is one that I can only shout from the rooftops and hope the world opens up to Him and tosses away the physical and holds on tight to the true spiritual nature of Our King.

I wait and work in this world, in this body for Him. Every time you empty yourself and hand him all the LOVE you can find, He returns with ten times more to you that can not be matched. It is not based on just “Believing” but rather FACT He is King of Glory. My place of refuge is in my RISEN LORD.

I apologize but I can not hold back today, the LOVE I have for my LORD.

“I called to Yahweh in my anguish, I cried for help to my God; from his Temple he heard my voice, my cry came to his ears.”

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