Blue In The Face

I have to admit lately its as if I have such a zeal to spread the Gospel, and share everything in regards to my faith that I have been in a slump thinking no one cares to hear what I or others have to say anymore. But I continue day after day, putting words on this blog, seeing for myself that every second I am here in exile, our LORD is with us. In all my actions, my thoughts and very specifically in the souls placed in my life. I can’t justify in any way, ever stopping the spread of the message and placing my pondering in this blog and elsewhere.

For a very long time now, even before the start of this blog, I wrestled with an overpowering thought of “You can talk to them until your blue in the face”. It has been on my mind for many many years. Granted, more times then not, I do but the result is not as you would think. Speaking until your blue in the face does not necessarily mean your talking to a brick wall, or that no one cares or is listening. It only now to me, means, talking until I am blue in the face, or, until I am dead. Never giving up until our LORD takes me home.

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