The Soul As A Football

I can’t help but ponder today, the soul in exile as a football. The kicking team being the world we are born in. The receiving team being Our Lord, quarterback and coach and owner, and most certainly, referee, of course and all the angles and saints, His team. Throughout our entire life, we are presented with choices to do good for the glory of God on the road back home, or bad which take us in the opposite direction and in possession of the opposing team. When we through free will, make decisions, that jeopardize the the soul being recovered by the opposition,  Our Lord in His infinite Wisdom through the Holy Spirit, “Passes” us on to one of His “Saints” to carry us, through their works and life story, so we can see and learn from them, to eventually make it to the “End Zone” to score the touchdown for God.

Sometimes, a “Fleaflicker” is needed from Saint to Saint, when the “Football” is in danger of being recovered by the opposition. In any case, it in time reaches the “End Zone” to score for the receiving team.

I say this, because in my case, Its as if I was originally “Passed” to St. Augustine, the first Saint I could identify with in regards to the stat of my soul in grate danger at the beginning of my conversion,  then to St Thérèse of Lisieux, who taught me how to love,  St Teresa of Avila, who taught me about our Lord’s “Mansions”. Then to St. John of the Cross, who taught me the Dark Night, is a blessing not a punishment and now on to St. Rita of Cascia. Who through her poverty, stayed a wife and mother, finishing her Vocation and then, took on the vocation of Religious Life.

Our Lord, Jesus Christ, always there to keep the “Ball” in the game. The “Ball” must be kept inflated, through the Holy Spirit, prayers and the sacraments. If it loses its air, it is taken out of the game. As the “Ball” is moved up field, there are “Downs”, where the soul is given time to reflect on their life. There are timeouts, in serious moments of the life of the “Ball” where critical issues are evaluated in which way to go with the “Ball”. Until the end of the game. Granted the soul is much more valuable then a “Football”. So to is life real and not a game.

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