The Holy Bible

Last night in my Bible Study class, we were discussing the Holy Bible and how every word in it, was like a seed that grows and the sprout of knowledge, heads in a different direction from the next, but in the end it all ties together in “Wisdom”. When you continually read and learn it, a soul can see this as plain as day. Thus, Divine.

What sparked this conversation? We are currently studding the Book of Joshua. In chapters 3 through 5, (Crossing the Jordan). I was blasted with light while at class tonight and the similarities of AFTER three days, God would perform miracles, Jesus rose from the dead on the third day, The Israelite would be traveling a road they had never been on, Jesus traveled to the dead, a road He had not been on before, the 12 tribes VS 12 Apostles and most of all, the Rocks from the Jordan and “You are Peter and upon this rock I will build my church”. The ark of God will lead the way. – Jesus is the way and the truth.

As I look back through my life, I can see the entire book itself as a spiritual bar of soap. When I first started to read the bible, my soul was not ready to comprehend it. Everything confused me and nothing made sense. I didn’t know where to find the “Life Giving Water” to use this “Spiritual Soap” correctly. What good is soap without water? After a while it began to look like a reference book. When I began again to read it and then ponder & “SEEK” the meaning of what I was actually reading. Rather then believe I knew what was being said. Then the trickle of water I needed with this bar of spiritual soap began to cleanse my soul. Or should I say, it pointed me in the direction where to find the “Shower“.

Not only did it point the way to the shower, but it pointed me in the direction of where to find food, a home and clothing.

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