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A New Doctor

St. John of Avila, pray for us….

The Vatican’s translation of the pope’s announcement continues below.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

With great joy, here in this Cathedral Church of Santa María La Real de la Almudena, I announce to the People of God that, having acceded to the desire expressed by Cardinal Antonio María Rouco Varela, Archbishop of Madrid and President of the Bishops’ Conference of Spain, together with the members of the Spanish episcopate and other Archbishops and Bishops from throughout the world, as well as many of the lay faithful, I will shortly declare Saint John of Avila a Doctor of the universal Church.

In making this announcement here, I would hope that the word and the example of this outstanding pastor will enlighten all priests and those who look forward to the day of their priestly ordination.

I invite everyone to look to Saint John of Avila and I commend to his intercession the Bishops of Spain and those of the whole world, as well as all priests and seminarians. As they persevere in the same faith which he taught, may they model their hearts on that of Jesus Christ the good shepherd, to whom be glory and honor for ever. Amen.

From CNS: Pope to declare St. John of Avila a doctor of the church

Feastday: May 10

The Apostle of Andalusia and the spiritual advisor of St. Teresa, St. Francis Borgia, St. John of the Cross, St. Peter of Alcantara, and others. He was born on January 6, 1499, at Almodovar del Campo, Spain. After studying law at the University of Salamanca, he left the university to be a hermit. He then went to Alcala, where he was ordained. John drew great crowds with his fiery denunciations of evil and his many sermons. A brief imprisonment by the Inquisition in Seville made him even more popular. His missionary efforts were centered on Andalusia, and his letters and other writings have become Spanish classics. John was canonized in 1970.

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The Vision Of Heaven

Most who will read this will either not understand or call me crazy. I forgive you. Some with a greater gift then I, I hope will read more into it then I can. This vision is so etched on my soul in great detail, it is the only thing on my mind. It has consumed me. After seeing this vision last night, and still being in this world, it has managed to separate two worlds completely. The world in which we live and the world in which we hope to live. I can only see this world we are in as dying and know I am still apart of it but the Kingdom of Heaven is my home and where I belong. There is zero doubt, this vision was a gift of our Holy Mother as it came to me while praying the Glorious Mysteries of the Holy Rosary last night. I was not sleeping, I was wide awake and with the help of the most Holy Trinity, Our Father will allow me to place this vision on paper to the detail it was presented to me. The events of daily activities that lead up to this vision are even more amazing and I will write about them as rather a footnote to this post.

I arrived home late last night from a visit with my sister at her home. It was after 9:00 PM and way past bedtime for my children. I had forgotten that I had promised last week that I would bring a coconut cake to the Legion of Mary meeting this morning and began frantically baking, pondering the entire time that it had been so late already and I could not miss my prayers. I was exhausted but knew I had to pray the rosary and all the prayers in the Legions prayerbook as it had been one of my daily affirmations since joining them just three weeks ago. The baking was complete and time I had spent on the computer between was over and it was time to pray.

I opened the Legion of Mary prayer pamphlet and began to pray. I reached to the point of praying the Rosary and began to ponder the mysteries as I normally do but this time was different. I was at total peace and was not distracted by my own troubles which at times work their way into my pondering in this beautiful prayer. I had a smile on my face the entire time that would not leave me and focused on just one tiny aspect of each mystery at a time. The Resurrection my focus was on Mary Magdalen’s pain followed by joy at the realization of our Lord standing in front of her. The Ascension of our Lord I pondered just what was in our Holy Mothers heart of the road with Christ as He was just about to leave. The Decent of the Holy Spirit my focus was on the upper room and the quiet of all the apostles and our Holy Mother just before the dramatic entrance of the Holy Spirit and then the joy that filled their hearts. The Assumption of our Holy Mother my focus was on the smile on the Holy Virgins face at the sight of her Son, our Lord bringing her home away from this world. Never to feel the pain anymore of this world and how it tries to capture and crush souls in sinful agony. Then, I arrived to The Coronation.

As I began to pray I, through my own thoughts, could see our Holy Mother just taking her place on her throne as I have envisioned her so many times, in a slightly foggy thought of mine where I can not see past her or where she is seated. Then I was taken away from my thoughts and filled with the vision I have never seen before. This was not from me. There is no doubt this was a gift and I have to share this as the detail is so pristine and beautiful I can never forget it. I know in my heart, our Lord is asking me to share this.

The second the crown was placed on her head, I was brought to a path. This path of interwoven cobblestone, each very differently shaped but perfectly placed with no need for mortar, at first looked like brown stone but as the vision became clearer, were actually gold. The path stretched forth to a wall of the same making which had a curved arch over the entrance, not very big, that allowed me to see into a beautiful garden. I peered into the garden and it contained one tree which stood out among everything. There were bushes, and shrubs of all sorts but they were perfect. Everything was perfect including the colors of which I have never seen before so clear. As I stepped into the garden through this arch of gold cobblestone, everything began to become further away so I could see the bigger picture of my surroundings. It was as if I was looking through a lens zooming out to capture everything I could see from a distance although I was right in where I needed to be. The further the vision zoomed out, I began to see the entire universe. From end to end, it was cut in two with a beam of light. No smoke, no fire, just the heat from the beautiful light. Everything that was evil, including hell and Satan caved in on itself and were consumed by this great light that turned the entire universe inside out. There was no more darkness as this light of God radiated everything. In the backdrop of the entire universe were eyes. They were the eyes of Our Lord. He was visible but barely. He was translucent and the further away from this world I became, the more I could see Him. I could only see His face, His pristine beautiful eyes and His brow. His smile and how it filled the universe with His love and warmth, the outline of His hair and just to His chest as this vision was coming from my point of view standing in His hand, I could not see beyond that. The zooming out to see the bigger picture was His moving hand with me in it. He was showing me this viewpoint. In His outstretched arms with my view from His hand, was the entire universe. All creation was in His arms and my viewpoint was from His hand. I have to say, my viewpoint as I can see it so clearly now, was just that and I can see this viewpoint not as me, but being Our Holy Mother Mary second that crown was placed on her head by Our Lord.

I have to use this analogy in regards to this vision. Imagine being one single hair follicle on the top of a head. Can that hair follicle see the host it resides on in its entirety without dying or being removed from that head it sits upon or can it only see where it is? That is exactly how large this vision of God and the kingdom was.

I can not express the peace & joy that has filled my soul. The details are etched in my memory and can never be taken away. The colors and the peace can never be replaced.


Last Saturday I attended the Mother of Life Conference at USD and met some wonderful women from Northern California starting a new group called Fellowship Of Catholic Christian Women. They explained to me their work and goals and I informed then about the Legion of Mary. I filled out a card as they were raffling off a statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe and wouldn’t you know, I won. It arrived this morning just before I started to write this vision down.

Last month, I was asked to fly, all expenced paid to The Fatima Center to help in their phone bank for two weeks. All expences paid. I had to turn it down as I had just been given the task of Captian of our Adoration Chapel and did not want to leave our Lord. I found out this morning at the Leigon of Mary meeting, my parish, St. John of the Cross, was chosen to host the traveling Holy Mother statue from, The Fatima Center. Here I was so distraught that I could not go see her and help her and now she is coming to us in San Diego.

There have been many many things in my life that have lead me to our Lord, all of which I had taken for granted for so many years going back to my very youth. I can never look at this life the same again.


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Ooze And Ahas

What a truly amazing morning it has been and its only 5:30 AM. I had spent my hour in Adoration of our Blessed Sacrament in prayer, without any of the truly amazing revelations and great thoughts our Lord usually fills my soul with, but was blessed rather, on my ride home.

I often view my parish as a fortress. A place of refuge away from this world. Home base if you will. The “Bone Marrow” of my soul where “White Blood Cells” are produced. A place of safety out of the storm of every day life to regenerate. There in my parish, on the grounds, in the church, at Mass,this world we live in, is somehow with us, but separate. The outside world is its own place and when I need complete comfort and security in my time of need, the barriers of God’s protection can be found like this invisible force field of protection there. Granted, that same barrier is found protecting me when I am in the world, but its Him who keeps me separated from the outside forces of this world we live in, and the much to prevalent misery of sin that is flourishing in it. Sin that no one can see because of spiritual blindness. Today I have to call it the “Ooze”. The infection.

I’m going to have to go a few years back and say that “Ooze” of sin is just as it was in the movie Ghostbusters as the river of slime under the streets of New York. The difference in real life is, that no one is paying attention to it and the more we refuse to see exactly what it looks like, the uglier and more infectious it becomes. Also, its not under the streets, but rather covering everything in this world. Let me go back to the ride home from Adoration. Just down the street from my sanctuary, my “Home Base” of St. John Of The Cross, is an strip bar. I pass by this place many times a day on my way about and always pray for the conversion of the souls inside this particular place. Usually with a sigh as I know how the morals & values of todays society have gone so far astray that a lot of people believe this is a legitimate way to support their familys or how so many women believe that by doing this, it somehow makes them beautiful, which couldn’t be further from the truth. From a short distance away in my car I noticed a car leaving the parking lot of this place. In a flash of light, I did not see a car leaving the lot, but a blob of ooze, leaving its home base, heading out into the street to infect countless other souls. A single axis of sin much in the way of a single cell of Streptococcus goes into the world to make as many people as it can find sick. One soul who is easily bent or twisted out of the shape God formed them into, can do the same damage. Thus the unseen “Ooze”. The strange thing about this vision was, that ooze of sin has taken over most of this world and no one living outside of having faith in Christ, can see it.

On to the Aha. The ahas to me, is not only being able to identify this ooze, but doing everything possible to avoid it in my life and kill it. There is a deep pain in the soul during a conversion. That pain is the sin a soul carries. The sting of sin. In the state of repentance, after confession, when a soul sins, even a minor sin, you feel that burning immediately after the sin has been committed. When the soul is in a state of mortal sin, and I am speaking of grave sin before a conversion, when so many sins are on the soul who has not been to confession in years, that immediate burning pain is not present. I can only assume this is what it means to be “Dead in Christ”. When you can no longer feel the pain it causes not only you, but our Lord as the soul in repentance is one with the Lord.

How to avoid the “Ooze” and live for the Ahas? Every day our body’s come in contact with foul things in this world that cause illness. There is a multi-million dollar industry of antibacterial agents on the market to keep us free from getting sick. To avoid disease we wash our hands frequently using soap and water. So to the soul must be cleansed using the soap and water of confession and contrition. One MUST keep their soul just as clean all the time. Through prayer and receiving the sacraments the soul can ward off 95% of the sin we face every second in this land of “Ooze.”


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God’s Proposal

The Bible is the ultimate love story and every soul created by God, is asked to participate in this love story. Before the moment God willed us into existence, the love story had already begun. Each and every day of every souls life in this world, He is proposing marriage to us. Every day He awaits your answer and every day that answer should be yes. YES! Not just a love but The True Love in which no other can ever compare. He is the One. The One who loves the unlovable. I am who am. Every day He sends you flowers. He whispers in your ear. Day after day, second after second, even while your sleeping, He never stops loving you. He gave you a life and He sustains you. He is aware of your faults, all of them and loves you anyway. He showers you with everything you can ever need to survive. He arranges the lives of others around you so your life is able to mesh into where you are now. He has written you the most beautiful love letters and has given you a plan of action to follow to find Him. To seek Him in everything you encounter so your life here and the cross you carry is much lighter, until the day your room is ready that He is building just for you in His home.

He knows what you need and He will never disappoint you. He paid your bill for eternal life. He makes you laugh when you need to and cry when you ponder His love for you. He knows your pain because He has felt it and feels it with you. He knows everything to know about you because he knew you before you were formed.

His proposal to you is simple. Work with Him, not against Him. Like any relationship, communication is key. Talk to Him. He will answer you. Listen to Him and do everything He tells you. He needs you to love Him first. Place Him first so your life here becomes remarkably peaceful. Place yourself last and Him first. Forget your needs and your wants because He never will. Remember what He needs from you. To say YES every day of your life, to the marriage truly made in heaven. To become One with Him for eternity.

“I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.” Galatians 2:20

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Fullness Of Christ Jesus Here And Now

(Lk. 22:18-20) – And he took bread, and gave thanks, and brake it, and gave unto them, saying. This is my body which is given for you: this do in remembrance of me. Likewise also the cup after supper saying, This cup is the new testament in my blood, which is shed for you.

As many times as I have seen Christ in others, in works of others and in my own life and works, in paintings of Him and statues, I can say as beautiful as these spoons of grace from God are, noting in this world contains our Lord in His purest form as Him in the Blessed Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist.

You say and I say also, Christ is present in every soul on earth but not in His purity. So many times have I seen Him for a split second in so many souls. There is only one place in this world where you can find Him in such a way that the world is completely stripped away of all impurities and our iniquities and that is in the consecrated Eucharist in the Holy Catholic Mass.

Sunday while attended Mass early in the morning, He presented Himself in this way, and I seen Him. In His poverty and I accepted Him fully. As it was time to receive Him, I noticed one of the Eucharistic Ministers whom I have seen Christ in a few times in the past in a little shimmer of light. This man was presenting Him to me at Mass on Sunday. This particular person was used by our Lord in the past to present a message to me and I held him in a high regard because that moment in my life I had been struggling with many spiritual things. The Inner Voice of our Lord came over my thoughts in this way, asking me, who is it, the presenter of Me whom you seek, or Me in My fullness? As I was walking up to receive our Lord from this person, I blocked out his face and the experience of what I had see in him in the past, and accepted Our Lord ONLY. Making the choice to the question between the two that was asked of me and my answer was and will always be, My Lord, The King of Glory. Jesus Christ in His pure form in full poverty. Not my “Image” of Him, but Him.

The tag line on my blog reads, “Trying to paint a picture of Christ”. No matter how many images there are of Him in this world, and no matter how close they bring a soul to Him, His fullness is contained completely in the Bread of Life. His true face is there. He is there!

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Holy Mary: The Chaste Spouse Of The Holy Spirit

So many times, I ponder my life and the things I have witnessed in regards to my Catholic Faith. When I look at the beauty of God’s creation and the blessings I have received in the form of my children, I can’t help but thank our Lord Jesus Christ for them and our Holy Mother Mary for her dedication to God. For her response to Him in just one word, YES, meaning the salvation for not only myself, but for my children and all God’s children.

The other day, as I was sitting pondering how difficult my life has truly been, because of the choices I have made, my little four year old Chloe came walking around the corner. When my eyes seen her in all her innocence, I could not help but place myself in our Holy Mothers shoes and look on my child with only the love I have in my heart. I came very close to breaking down and sobbing openly at the thought of my child, persecuted by this world in the same way our Lord, our Virgin Mothers Son was and was reduced to pure repentance for anything and everything I have ever said and done against our Holy Mother and my Lord Jesus Christ. The things I have done and the difficulty’s I have faced mean nothing when I look into her eyes and her life. To be given such a gift from God came with such a heavy cross in which she started to carry even before the birth of our Savior.

I thought of how our Holy Mother Mary used to hold our Lord, fix His meals, make sure he had clean clothing to wear and love Him as a mother could love her Child. All the Motherly attributes and all through her humility, ensuring her Child, a place in this world just to be set apart to die for my sins and the sins of the world. How the burden she carried must have been so great to know in her heart, the fate of her only Son. “But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.” Luke 2:19

So many times I look at my own children and pray so many ways and times, they could understand the love I have for them, is nothing compared to the love God has for them. I pray they come to understand this world is just temporary and eternity with Christ is the final goal in which my hope for them rests.

“Jesus turned and said to them, “Daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep for me; weep for yourselves and for your children.” Luke 23:28

I pray for my children. My children, my hope to grow under the wing of the Holy Spirit as they do not truly belong to me, but belong to God as He is the keeper of all souls. I pray for all children in this world that they come to understand this and place their love for self, behind and place their love for God, above all things so everything then in their lives come to fall into place behind the lead of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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