Fishing For Souls

In coming back home to the Catholic faith, lately, I find myself constantly looking for the opportunity to bring the faith to others. There are many ways to do this and one being prayer in public. In my domestic church, we pray before every meal. While we don’t have the opportunity to eat meals out very often, when we do, prayer does not stop. We pray as a family over our meals in public too. Not having a care as to who is watching as we did not start doing this to impress anyone, but we carry our “Domestic Church” everywhere we go. Starting with a very simple, Sign of the Cross. By this very simple task, we are being used as God’s instrument to bring the faith to others. When others see this act of faith in praying, even for a split second, they know our Lord is working among them. Thus, the seeds of faith are planted simply by being God’s bait for souls.

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