Imagine a tree next to a stream. You see it in its splendor, full of leaves and giving its fruit to any passerby. Its bark thick and protecting it from insects. What you don’t see are the vastness of its roots, digging deep beneath the earth, anchoring it to the ground and foraging for nutrients to feed what is above. Although the tree itself may be only 15 or so foot tall, its roots can branch off double that size. Such are the gifts that God gives to us. They are so numerous and vast, we tend to overlook them and seek the easy things, that are visible.

A very good Priest helped me copy some sign up sheets for our Adoration chapel a few weeks ago. It was copied on a different colored paper then what was in the copy machine. When the copies were complete, he reached into the copy machine and without looking, pulled out all the colored paper placed on top of the white paper. He snickered and said to me, “What are the chances”. I didn’t say anything. I wanted to ponder it.

I will now. What are the “chances”, you were born, allowed to grow up, discern the Priesthood, CHOOSE the Priesthood, attend the Seminary, graduate from the Seminary, become a Parish Priest, be moved to my Parish, myself, move to San Diego from Chicago, run back to the Catholic Faith, locate to this particular parish, become the Captain of our Adoration Chapel that you become the Spiritual Director of and help me substantially in my faith, we end up working together on the same project and you copy sign in sheets for me at that particular second in time? No chances. Divine providence and a lot of unseen grace. Now, what are the “Chances” this was all written before we were born? 100%.

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