For my Bible class last week, we were all asked to write a personal Psalm as we are studding the Book of Psalms. Here is mine. I hope you enjoy.

My Beloved, Abba Father
How can I measure You my Papa; You are the Measure itself
There is no reason to measure the Ruler, nor a measure large enough to do so
You my Lord are the Actions of Love, the very Essence and Love itself
The Space between the written Word from start to finish and the words in which You have not yet given to man to use .
The very action of my eyes opening in the morning, to worship You, is You Lord. You command my eyes to open; they listen to You my Lord
The motion of my rolling over to join the day, was Commanded by You before I was born, so I may do Your will.
I tremble at scent of fresh earth, tilled in the early morning before the dawn in my heart. It reminds me Lord, You allow the tiller to perform, My God, breaking new ground within my own soul, planting new hope where only despair had grown before. Breaking the hardness and turning over the soil of my creation, to improve Yours.
My thoughts are but an echo of the tractors in the valley but Your actions are that of enabling the seeds You have sown, to be planted and to flourish.
If I drop a seed of folly, it does not grow long before You point it out to me as such. Allowing me to learn Your ways and to see the difference in the shape of the sprouts. Your sprouts grow straight, reaching up to You and the sprouts of folly are a twisted mess entangling everything in and pulling it back toward the ground to be trampled over.
Making my heart that was once stone, that of a fresh new flourishing place of abundance and joy to harvest that which is simply pleasing to You.

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