The End Zone

I have been trying, for so many years to explain how my conversion has been. Back in 1998, I can say with my heart, my conversion began similarly as Saul’s on the road to Damascus. I had faith in God, but did not know how to apply it. I had faith in Jesus Christ, but I did not know Him. I had faith in the Holy Spirit, but I did not understand it. I knew of Mama Mary, but I didn’t trust it my feelings on her role in the life of the Church. I was wrong about most of the things I knew.

The other night, God granted me the ability to put it into words to a good friend, who was sitting in vigil with me at another very good friends hospital bed, as we waited for our Lord to take him home. I would love to say I had a vision way back then, but it wasn’t. I would love to say it was a dream, but it wasn’t. Someone came to me in 1998 and told me many things. Things that have come to pass. I don’t know the future, I only know it in retrospect to what was told to me. Its as if our Lord called me in, threw me a pass back in 1998 and every day of my life as been since, running for the touchdown as the ball is heading to me. One day I will know who it was but for now, I can only understand it as where it has brought me.

I stayed with my friend until our Lord took him home and can only see now, the ball, although I have bobbled it many times since it has been thrown, it is in my hands and I am continuing to the end zone.

Mama Mary is a major part of this life. I can easily view my conversion through her eyes. Keeping most of this in my heart, growing in faith and humility. Turning most of what I see, hear and do, inside. Looking inward in order to see better outward. You see, the friend that passed was the husband of another good friend who passed only a month earlier. He was the president of the Legion of Mary that I now belong to. His life was a shinning example of faith. He was a convert through his wife to the Catholic Faith. Which gives me so much hope. Day by day, second by second, in time, our Lords time, I will reach the end zone.


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4 responses to “The End Zone

  1. SR

    I believe Peg, you are closer than you think to the end zone. Great post and God Bless, SR


    • God only knows. My hope in all of this is that His will be done, not mine. I have learned that personal revelation is just that. Personal. Everything has already been revealed. No matter how many signs and wonders along with every miracle I have seen and write about, the only ones that will ever matter occurs at ever Holy Mass, when bred & wine becomes the Flesh & Blood of our Lord. I never want anyone to follow me. I never want anyone to believe in me but rather in our Lord who has done this to me.


  2. SR

    You are going to be okay Peg. I read all that you write and seems to me, you are doing very well with it all. Personal revelation, is just that. I have many myself, escpecially from The Blessed Mother. Some I share and some I do not. We all fail, just ask me. I do it a thousand times a day. I have what you call “mouth overload.” :>) If that raw nerve in me is hit, it is done. My mouth keeps me in confession all the time:>))) You are correct the one that matters is The Holy Eucharist. He could not stand to leave us Peg, so He made it where He can be with us, until hopefully we can get to Him in heaven. If that ain’t love do no know what is. God Bless, SR


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