The Boat

I had a very peaceful vision yesterday afternoon. As I was sitting in my yard looking out at the sky and wondering when the rain would end, in front of my eyes I seen a sailboat. Inside the boat was our Lord. He was reclining in the front of the boat. It was as if he was taking a nap after an exhausting journey. I then seen myself inside the boat with our Lord. I was standing next to the mast. The water was so calm it looked like glass. I couldn’t see far out across the water as I only wanted to focus on our Lord. He opened His eyes and they radiated at me and a smile came upon His face. I began to furl the sails and He watched me the entire time. My eyes never leaving the face of our Lord and the smile back never loosing its shape.

The peace attained with this vision from yesterday has filled me and is still with me like so many in the past.

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