Contemplative Prayer

The symphony of dialogue between the soul and God, so deep in love, that can only be described as unstoppable grace. It is the music of action, word and joy passing between Creator and instrument. A blasting trumpet in pristine silence. Similar to the sound of thousand dog whistles in which no man can hear, but that his soul can never miss. Its harmony written by God. As light traveling faster then sound. His music in union with my song of praise.

“My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.”

His music carry’s me through day and night. Bringing me to Holy Mass, where His music comes together in the perfect orchestrated ballet of sense and knowing, sound and silence, symbol and sign, devotion and devotee are joined as one, through His orchestra of instruments. The bells ring to announce His presence. He becomes flesh and blood and consumes my very being as I consume Him. Enabling me to carry His tune, day and night, as the Tuner continually prepares His instrument. Following only His lead.

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