Merciful Heart

I heard this quote today for the first time and in all I have been through, in all I have seen, in all I have learned, I couldn’t agree more.

What is a merciful heart? It is a heart on fire for the whole of creation, for humanity, for the birds, for the animals, for demons, and for every created thing. At the recollection and at the sight of them such a person’s eyes overflow with tears owing to the vehemence of the compassion which grips his heart; as a result of his deep mercy his heart shrinks and cannot bear to hear or look on any injury or the slightest suffering of anything in creation. This is why he constantly offers up prayer full of tears, even for the irrational animals and for enemies of truth, even for those who harm him, so that they may be protected and find mercy. – Saint Isaac the Syrian


How often are we willing to entire into the chaos of others lives? No matter how small or great? Are we willing to sidestep our own lives in order that others are comforted? Are we willing to share the wealth of knowledge we have, gifts we have been given by God to make others more comfortable? To ensure others have the distinct understanding that the only reason you give from the heart is out of the “Mercy” in your heart? The love you have for our Lord is shared with every soul you come into contact with, no matter the outcome? Its truly simple. If someone is in the last stages of life and they have no family to depend on, can they depend on you to take care of them? That is a soul in chaos. If a family loses its source of income, are you willing to share the necessaries you have with them until they can find other ways to take care of them and their family? To see ANY soul in pain cuts through the heart and pours fourth all mercy for them. Even at the cost of your own comfort as your own comfort is not important. Because you understand, you shall be comforted for all eternity.

I have in so many ways, found such unimaginable peace of our Lord in the chaos of life. Not only in mine, but in others. Chaos is the test of faith and when it is presented, its calmed quickly with burning love and mercy, which then feeds understanding and brings peace.

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