Alone I sat in misery
alone I thought no one could hear
A knock it came upon my door
a knock it came Who could it be
A knock it came not once but three

I opened the door but just a crack
A splinter of a crack just to see
Who could it be that has come for me?
Who it was just baffled me.

I could not see the One at all
Nor could believe the One to be He
I said hello Who could you be
He said, let me in and you will see

I has a sense, I kind of knew
The One Who would do everything He could do
to save a soul as wretched as me
as I sat alone in utter misery

I didn’t believe I had a right
To accept His love with all my might
I didn’t believe to be worthy enough
To invite Him in and accept and trust

I told Him so, and walk away
The crack in the door, left that way
I back away, in tears I stood
Turning away the only One who could

I sat head in hands, and humbled my heart
The One Who had knocked blew that door apart
He Knew I was held a prisoner there
trapped by the evil, the hell, the fear

My King, Jesus Christ, came to rescue this miserable soul
Never again allowing her to feel as so
I only know now the Love of my King
has made me a child of God, My King, not from low

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