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You Are Here

If you are here, in body, spirit and mind, you are everywhere that Holy Mass is being celebrated at that very second the Priest consecrates the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of our Lord, giving Him all the glory and honor! When you are IN the Eucharist, you are in God’s time. You are in God’s holy presence, with Him, everywhere. Thus the reason to keep clean and receive Him in the state of grace. Places you never knew existed. You are present through Him, with Him and in Him.

My last post Assumption of Mary, sparked some deeper thoughts in regards to the photos of a church I posted. A very beautiful place located in the Julian Alps in Bled Lake Slovenia. The area was carved from glaciers leaving picturesque views with a beautiful lake, and in the lake, a small island that in the 1500, a Catholic Church was built for the Glory of God and in honor of the Assumption of Mary. It goes so much deeper then “this looks like a good place to build a church”. So much deeper. It took centuries of Divine Providence, to create the glaciers, carve out the mountains, plant and grow the surrounding forest, fill the lake, leaving room for the island, filling many souls with the good news of our Lord, going fourth and spreading the gospel, many of which became Martyrs, souls growing in faith in Christ, to identify a tiny spot, beautiful enough to honor Mama Mary and her Assumption into heaven. This is but a sliver of God’s love for her, made known to the world for doing His will.

When I found the photo, I desired nothing more than to go to this place. Definitely placing it on my list of places I had to go! Realizing in a very shot amount of time, with a smile, in prayer, I have been there. Many times.

Before pondering this, I fell for the natural beauty of this place and as it pulled me into a deeper understanding of God’s love for her, made me aware of God’s love for us and how it’s so visible in every aspect of His creation. He takes the natural and joins it with the supernatural. Not only did it take Him centuries to create a beautiful place to honor the Mother of our Lord, but we share in that beauty, by simply being present at Holy Mass. Present meaning in full communion with Mass. In total concentration in prayer on where we are and not what we will be doing after Mass, all so we can be TOGETHER with Him and the Holy of Holy’s in His body, the Eucharist! Since the Beginning!

How beautiful it is to know, that every time you truly attend Holy Mass, you are here.

Oh how wonderful the “Interior Castle” truly is.

But more wonderful, more powerful, you are here, because He is here –

still in exile, giving the Glory to God.

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Assumption of Mary

(From this mornings Liturgy of the Hours)

Mary Immaculate, star of the morning,
Chosen before the creation began,
Chosen to bring in the light of thy dawning,
Woe to the serpent and rescue to man.
Here, in this world of both shadow and sadness
Veiling thy splendour, thy course hast thou run:
Now thou art throned in all glory and gladness,
Crowned by the hand of thy Saviour and Son.
Sinners, we worship thy sinless perfection;
Fallen and weak, for thy pity we plead:
Grant us the shield of thy sov’reign protection,
Measure thine aid by the depth of our need.
Bend from thy throne at the voice of our crying,
Bend to this earth which thy footsteps have trod:
Stretch out thine arms to us, living and dying,
Mary Immaculate, Mother of God.

The photo is how I spent yesterday. I looked at decorating the church yesterday for the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary as someone decorating for a wedding. Not just any wedding but that of Mama Mary’s and her homecoming into the arms of Abba Father. I pondered last night as I was laying in bed, being in the arms of both of them. My soul cuddling up between them. Oh what a comforting place to be. Unable to move in any way because the love of both Parents, was overwhelming.

Mama Mary, behold your children.

Last night, as I was on line, I found the most amazing photo. I thought how beautiful. Then I looked up the information as to where the place was and what it was that I had been oogling over. It turns out, it is the Church of the Assumption of Mary on Bled Island in Slovenia. Let the photos below speak for themselves.

This is just a tiny view into how much Abba Father loves our Holy Mother Mary.. A place this beautiful could carry her name, but as beautiful as this place is, could not hold a candle to Mama Mary in all her beauty….


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