Assumption of Mary

(From this mornings Liturgy of the Hours)

Mary Immaculate, star of the morning,
Chosen before the creation began,
Chosen to bring in the light of thy dawning,
Woe to the serpent and rescue to man.
Here, in this world of both shadow and sadness
Veiling thy splendour, thy course hast thou run:
Now thou art throned in all glory and gladness,
Crowned by the hand of thy Saviour and Son.
Sinners, we worship thy sinless perfection;
Fallen and weak, for thy pity we plead:
Grant us the shield of thy sov’reign protection,
Measure thine aid by the depth of our need.
Bend from thy throne at the voice of our crying,
Bend to this earth which thy footsteps have trod:
Stretch out thine arms to us, living and dying,
Mary Immaculate, Mother of God.

The photo is how I spent yesterday. I looked at decorating the church yesterday for the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary as someone decorating for a wedding. Not just any wedding but that of Mama Mary’s and her homecoming into the arms of Abba Father. I pondered last night as I was laying in bed, being in the arms of both of them. My soul cuddling up between them. Oh what a comforting place to be. Unable to move in any way because the love of both Parents, was overwhelming.

Mama Mary, behold your children.

Last night, as I was on line, I found the most amazing photo. I thought how beautiful. Then I looked up the information as to where the place was and what it was that I had been oogling over. It turns out, it is the Church of the Assumption of Mary on Bled Island in Slovenia. Let the photos below speak for themselves.

This is just a tiny view into how much Abba Father loves our Holy Mother Mary.. A place this beautiful could carry her name, but as beautiful as this place is, could not hold a candle to Mama Mary in all her beauty….

2 responses to “Assumption of Mary”

  1. this is a very nice post, but Mary is not Gods wife ,she was born in sin also,she said ,Jesus my savior,God asked her ,

    if she said no he would of chose another,Jesus was the second Adam, if Mary was born w/no sin then her parents were born w/no sin,mary is to be honored but not worshiped


    • Mary is the Spouse of the Holy Spirit. See here Mary was conceived without Original Sin – “Immaculate Conception”. Thus the Angel Gabriel’s statement to her – “Hale full of grace” – God did not chose Mary, He created her to bring our Lord into the world. She did NOT say no because her love for Abba Father was greater then her love for her own Son, our Lord, who she was one flesh with for nine months!. She had free will to say no, but being full of grace, she was completely “OBEDIENT” to God. From the Church Fathers: It is admitted that the doctrine as defined by Pius IX. was not explicitly mooted before the 12th century. It is also agreed that “no direct or categorical and stringent proof of the dogma can be brought forward from Scripture”.[19] But it is claimed that the doctrine is implicitly contained in the teaching of the Fathers. Their expressions on the subject of the sinlessness of Mary are, it is pointed out, so ample and so absolute that they must be taken to include original sin as well as actual . Thus we have in the first five centuries such epithets applied to her as “in every respect holy”, “in all things unstained”, “super-innocent” and “singularly holy”; she is compared to Eve before the fall, as ancestress of a redeemed people; she is “the earth before it was accursed.” The well-known words of St Augustine (d . 430) may be cited: ” As regards the mother of God,” he says, ” I will not allow any question whatever of sin.” It is true that he is here speaking directly of actual or personal sin. But his argument is that all men are sinners; that they are so through original depravity; that this original depravity may be overcome by the grace of God, and he adds that he does not know but that Mary may have had sufficient grace to overcome sin “of every sort” (omni ex parte).[6]
      The bull of definition of the dogma, Ineffabilis Deus, mentioned in particular the patrististic interpretation of Genesis 3:15 as referring to a woman, Mary, who would be eternally at enmity with the evil serpent and completely triumphing over him. It said the Fathers saw foreshadowings of Mary’s “wondrous abundance of divine gifts and original innocence” “in that ark of Noah, which was built by divine command and escaped entirely safe and sound from the common shipwreck of the whole world;[48] in the ladder which Jacob saw reaching from the earth to heaven, by whose rungs the angels of God ascended and descended, and on whose top the Lord himself leaned;[49] in that bush which Moses saw in the holy place burning on all sides, which was not consumed or injured in any way but grew green and blossomed beautifully;[50] in that impregnable tower before the enemy, from which hung a thousand bucklers and all the armor of the strong;[51] in that garden enclosed on all sides, which cannot be violated or corrupted by any deceitful plots;[52] in that resplendent city of God, which has its foundations on the holy mountains;[53] in that most august temple of God, which, radiant with divine splendours, is full of the glory of God;[54] and in very many other biblical types of this kind.”
      The bull recounts that the Fathers interpreted the angel’s address to Mary, “highly favoured one” or “full of grace”,[55] as indicating that “she was never subject to the curse and was, together with her Son, the only partaker of perpetual benediction”; and they “frequently compare her to Eve while yet a virgin, while yet innocence, while yet incorrupt, while not yet deceived by the deadly snares of the most treacherous serpent”.


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