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Convicted By The Holy Spirit

I just returned from Adoration. I spent most of this day defending my faith on the grounds of being Convicted by the Holy Spirit. After needing to walk away, I get to Adoration, I’m not there 5 minutes and who walks in, but a man from my bible study who NEVER goes to Adoration, who just happens to be an Attorney. Yes, that is our Lords humor and He knew I needed that spiritual consolation at that particular second.

I will be writing more on the subject very shortly. It has been a very “sifting” week and things have been coming at me so quickly, I’m not sure what our Lord would like we to share. Usually after deep prayer, I tend to have a better idea, but lately, its as if, everything that has been happening needs to be said, without even asking and this is where I need to stop and breath, and wait, for His direction.

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