Cutting Off All Evil

You can not serve two masters…..

I had the most disturbing dream last night. When I woke from it, I was still in a state of disgust. It was so graphic and bloody that no horror film to date could match it. At Holy Mass this morning, it began to take shape in my memory again, and came together in a less foggy way, with an incredible twist that gave me peace.
The dream:
I was standing at the end of a long hallway. Lining the walls were many religious paintings of the crucifixion of our Lord. The light where I was standing was brilliant. I began to walk towards the other end. Standing at the opposite side of the hall, in the dim light was a grotesque figure, the closer I walked to it, he made himself known as Satan. I began to hammer into the walls, and could not see at first what I was hanging up. As one of my hands dropped out of the way, I could see I was nailing severed fingers to the wall, just after the paintings of the Crucifixion had ended. After nailing each finger into the wall, I looked without any fear, nor any expression at the grotesque figure at the other end. He raised his hands to show me, I had cut his fingers off and his were the fingers I was nailing to the wall. I had no compassion for him, no words, no expression, nothing.
I immediately woke up.
It wasn’t until the conclusion of Holy Mass this morning that I was given spiritual comfort of having this dream. It came to me, that cutting off the fingers of the evil one, nailing them to the wall, made it imposable for him to ever hold my hand again and lure me away from our Lord. Nor could he point them at others.

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