Intimacy With Christ


Far to often when the world uses the word intimacy, is confused with sexual behavior. Intimacy is a step above friendship. It is personal detailed knowledge of another that no one else can fathom or understand. Its knowing what makes a “clock” tick rather than showing it off for its outer beauty. I can sit here all day and tell you I love our Lord and as many who read this will say sure, I love Him too. As I am sure you do. It’s when that love for Christ becomes manifested in our daily lives, where we can see Him speaking to us personally and we speak back, that the relationship becomes intimate. When our entire being becomes entangled in the workings of the Holy Trinity, and we desire this and our life is only of serving Him no matter what crosses our path. It’s the “One Track Mind” heading in the direction of Heaven, passing by all creation, to come face to face with the Creator, just for the simple task to place a kiss upon His lips. My one and only reason for living, being for Him.

Today while cleaning out the old literature in the back of the church, I came across a prayer card with the picture of St. Michael the Archangel. I smiled and taking a push-pin, hung it up on the bulletin board while saying “Always”. I then began to feel around in an area I could not see into. I found a little toy of Spongebob sealed in plastic. I laughed so hard. I then walked up to the front of the Altar on to the right side, seen something laying on the ground. It was a small broken off piece of a blue crayon. I picked it up and tossed it into the garbage. For any other soul, these events would seem like nothing. Between our Lord and I, it was Him telling me, I Am here with you, I hear you and I love you.

St. Michael the Archangel: I have a deep and profound respect and love for him. My entire sinful life, even when I was not as faithful, when I did not think I was worth saving, if I were not to make it to heaven, I would hope it were he to crush me. Now in my repentance, I call on him for our Lords protection. Always.

The broken piece of blue crayon: It’s much harder to describe this. The blue is my favorite color. The tiny piece represents, in my repentance, what I would use to write about my love for our Lord and how I speak to Him daily, with still keeping much in my heart. I would have to use it sparingly.

The toy: Well, I truly have had a “Road to Damascus” conversion, and although older, the cartoon below will fill in the blanks.


Like I said, its just a deep understanding….

I then came to the tabernacle, got to one knee and said, I love you.

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