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Prayer For 2013


Lord help me to focus and work on all that is needed for You in 2013. Help me to live as You have intended me to live. Help me to be as You have created me to be. Help me Lord to be there in times of need for those You have placed in the life you have created for me. May I lead all souls back to You O Lord in my words, actions and way of living. May I always seek You first in all things, especially in my sufferings and trials. May I find joy in You and through You my Beloved Lord, and share this joy with the entire world, so that in its times of sadness and bitterness, it may hold on to your sweet compassion with both hands, and eat only what You give to them. May I continue to win the battles over evil in my soul and in my life, with You and all your Saints and Holy Angels at the ready. May all the holy souls in Purgatory be released from their bondage and accept you’re pardon and mercy my Lord. May the children you have given to me, pull ever closer to You this year and stay at Your side. May we all grow in all the gifts of the most Holy Spirit. May the murder of all you’re children through the heinous act of abortion come to an end. May Your One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church and all her members come to know You better and serve only You. May those who have left, return to You. If my death in exile should come this year, I unite it to Your death and give You my Love, all the glory and honor. I hope to spend eternity with You. May I become so lost in You, that all I find, is You, all I see, taste and touch and know, is You. May you have mercy on us all. I ask this through the Immaculate Heart of Mary our Mother, to Your most Sacred Heart O Lord. Amen

Have a blessed and Christ centered New Year.

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Take A Stand


In order to remain “One Nation Under God” we must focus on the Spiritual Cliff that is in front of the US, behind the US and surrounding the US rather than the fiscal cliff. Put your faith back in God and not in His creation nor the men who believe they are gods.

Here is another idea that goes with my post a few days ago “Holy Innocents Pledge“. MOST Vons Food Stores in California have Starbucks located inside of their stores. Contact them and let them know you will not purchase food or prescriptions from them until they STOP supporting Abortion.

Safeway Corporate Office & Headquarters

5918 Stoneridge Mall RoadPleasanton CA 94588

(800) 723-3929

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