Shroud of Turin

Bronze image of Jesus from shroud notre damme jerusalem-796657

Yesterday a friend posted some photos of the bronze statue of our Lord that was cast from 3D images of the Shroud of Turin, on his Facebook page from his trip to Israel.

Had to share his and a few I found online.

From his trip. The full body.

Shroud Of Turin Statue

You can see where the scourges inflicted wounds on His body.


Who is the Man of the Shroud?


“What matters for the believer, is that the Shroud is a mirror of the Gospel. The image it presents has such a profound relationship with what the Gospels tell of Jesus’ passion and death that every sensitive person feels inwardly touched and moved at beholding it” (John Paul II, Address given in Turin on May 24, 1998).


Beauty is in the eye of the believer.



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7 responses to “Shroud of Turin

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  2. April L.

    Hi, Thanks for your photos. I’m trying to find out more info on Lorenzo Ferris’ sculptures–mainly this one. Can you please find out where this is located in Israel? Thanks so much, April L.

  3. April L.

    Sorry, It seems I was mistaken & this is actually by Luigi Mattei. I know they both did similar pieces. Thanks, April L.

  4. April L.

    Yeah, I did come across that while researching where it was located. Thanks. Now if I could only find the info on Lorenzo Ferris’ works based on his long studies of the shroud. 🙂 ~April

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