St Thomas Aquinas


All that I have written seems like straw compared to what has now been revealed to me. – Saint Thomas Aquinas

Saint Thomas Aquinas never finished his writings. I can relate. If all he has written O Lord is straw, then what I have done is mud. May they mingle and become bricks for You’re great glory O Lord.

For everything we can ever know about God, regarding all the inner workings of His way, the simplest and easiest is through Love. Love is simplicity. If we complicate all that is true with what we feel we need to know then we are taking away room for love. To simply love, is to understand the Divinity.

Does a wife love her Spouse any more upon learning what His business is or how He runs His business? Or does a loving wife just continue to love her Spouse? Our Lord shares everything with His wife. All she has to do is ask. But it should never come between or hinder in any way, the love she has for Him. She knows He is in control and all He does is for the good of all.

To read more about this wonderful Saint, see here

5 responses to “St Thomas Aquinas”

      • You added it to it! lol! I’m both delighted and curious about this — please don’t be in the slightest way offended, but I can see you and I have the same promptings. (Yes, they’re the same! God is immutable and since we abide in Him — for the love of Catholicism, we’re all the same, one in him!)

        Your initial post was perfect in it’s simplicity and then you expanded to emphasize and provide examples! A living example of “straw [and] mud…may they mingle!”

        Maybe it’s just me. Sometimes I just don’t know when to stop. It’s Husband who can be direct and succinct. It’s probably Mom’s nature to expand, clarify and explain. It makes me wonder about Mary!!

        A delightful post, I wouldn’t change a thing (unless you want to — in which case it would be more delightful!)

        Peg, you’re so wonderful in the Lord! God bless you!


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