Forgiveness Sunday


“Forgive me, a sinner.”

Today is Forgiveness Sunday. I forgive EVERYONE in my life from conception and in advance, through natural death who may or has inflicted any harm on me. I hope you can forgive me as well if I have hurt you in any way.

With the 40 days of lent approaching, what a great way to start the journey. May God have mercy on us all.

Burying the Proverbial Hatchet

Forgiving people when they apologize is one thing; but have you ever tried to forgive someone who has hurt you and never shown any remorse? Not so easy, is it? It’s tough to bury that hatchet.

Even after years spent developing a relationship, a single harsh statement or thoughtless act can destroy everything we feel for that person. We forget the good and play out bitter, vindictive scenarios in our minds.

When someone hurts us, we have choices. We can go our separate ways and never talk again. We can live with the anger. We can bear grudges, nurse hate, and seek revenge. We can pretend everything is fine and just bury our feelings. Or we can face the person and talk things through … and then forgive.

Of course, the last choice is the healthy one. Even if the person who wronged you refuses to change or take responsibility, you can still let go of pride and bring closure and healing – for your own sake.

Forgetting is the hardest part of forgiving. We bury the hatchet; but when we leave the handle sticking out of the ground, we’re just giving the pain permission to continue cutting us. Bury the handle! Cancel the debt! This is the only way to experience freedom.
By Fr. Robert M. Pipta, Holy Angels Byzantine Catholic Church, San Diego CA.

Master, Teacher of wisdom, Bestower of virtue, You teach the thoughtless and protect the poor: Strengthen and enlighten my heart. Word of the Father, Let me not restrain my mouth from crying to you: Have mercy on me, a transgressor, O merciful Lord!

The Fourth Sunday of the Triodion Period: Sunday of Forgiveness (Cheesefare Sunday)

2 responses to “Forgiveness Sunday”

  1. bring closure and healing – for your own sake – that says it all – forgiveness i believe is not in absolving the terrible acts people perpetrate on you, after all we are not God and who are we to absolve someones sins – it is, in the ultimate analysis to rid yourself of carrying the burden of revenge and hurt which pursue us, limiting us, and so we do ourselves the greatest kindness by forgiveness – releasing negative emotions – which of course does not mean that the perpetrator will not receive his due deserts – he will burn in hell or hell of his own making – he will have to resolve all that in his own time – for you however tha act of forgiveness is your release from bondage, and so its great to forgive for your own sake. In india we have an ancient sect called the Jains – remarkable people who send letters like greetings on festive occasions say christmas or whatever, which say ‘please forgive us for whatever we may have done to hurt you – to all those in their address book! I received one recently and was so surprised, it was a simple act of compassion – wow.


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