Wake Up America

Wake Up America

Painting by artist Jon McNaughton. His website is www.JonMcNaughton.com

America has been chained to the Culture of Death and only God can remove the chains…

The sexualization of women and our children, homosexual marriage, abortion, adultery, divorce, pornography, prostitution, strip clubs, sexting by teens… All mortal sins.

All the social norms in America. Why? Because the moral compass of this nation is broken and the first thing you will hear is “Well? Not everyone believes in God”. I do. Why should I have to give up my rights because someone does not believe?. It’s not showing tolerance to back down from your faith in God because others do not believe. Its giving into sin and lack of faith in God. We sit and laugh when other nations call the US the Great Satan, but I ask you today to open your eyes and look arround you. Take an account of what is going on here… Look at the filth we are sitting in and tell me if we are one nation under God or if we are one nation gone under.

5 responses to “Wake Up America”

  1. There are more Christians in America than anywhere in the world. This country sends more missionaries than any other country I know. You have not been to Europe, try to live here. I wonder what you would say. And it is not as depressing as it sounds. Try to fix your eyes on Jesus the Author and Finisher of our faith. He knows. God is in control and Satan is only on His leash.


    • I have been to Europe and my husband’s ENTIRE family lives in London. My Great Uncle was a Catholic Priest ordained in 1930 in SLOVAKIA, who survived the Nazis and the Communist Occupation. I would advise you to read my blog a little more before assuming I do NOT study the Bible, pray often or attend Daily Mass or whatever else you might be assuming. Our Lord is the LOVE of my soul and I do not go ANYWHERE without Him, including into words on this blog. Peace be with you


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