Comfort From Heaven


A few weeks ago, while I was praying in Adoration, I noticed a vase of different types of flowers sitting below our Lord. Looking down into it was hidden a little flower so intricate and dense with petals so beautiful in its coloring, I couldn’t help but move closer to it to take a better look and smell it.

I took in a huge whiff of this beauty and laughed out loud, really hard. It didn’t smell very nice at all and I remembered this sent from childhood. Immediately I was transported into my mother’s garden. I was a small child laying in the grass with my face deep in looking at the flowers that were plated by my mom and dad. This little beautiful flower was there and I was comforted by the memory of being secure in my mothers care. I was reminded of the memories of innocence of my childhood and my mom who has passed many years ago, was smiling along with me in this little comforting backyard garden memory, brought to me from our Lord in Adoration.

I miss her today. May we all find comfort, even if it is just one special memory we have, of the love our deceased mothers had for us when they were with us here. Even when they are gone many years, they are still here through the memories our Lord brings to us, long ago forgotten. The flower so beautiful, but the scent not so pleasing is just as we are in this life. Suffering comes with the beauty of life.

O God, Who has commanded us
to honour our father and mother,
have compassion in Thy mercy,
on the souls of my father and mother;
forgive them their sins,
and grant that I may see them
in the joy of eternal brightness.
Through Christ our Lord.


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