No More Fish Bowl


I would love to say that this will be my last post on this blog, but I just can’t do that yet. Not until I see our Lord face to Face. I am however, taking a break from Facebook, twitter and blogging to be mom. To adhere to my first vocation. Wife and mom. Since the Marriage of myself and my husband in the Catholic Church back on May 4, 2013, there have been many serious changes taking place in my life. Due to being asked to do something I could not do because of my faith in our Lord, I believe I have been presented with an exit from our Lord to leave the ministry’s behind at my old parish as nothing was being addressed as far as concerns for them and the people of my old parish. A door became open for me to leave and I did just that. I am still in formation for the Third Order of Carmel and will remain with it as long as our Lord is calling me to this beautiful place. I still attend Adoration and will continue as He is my love. It has been almost a week and all the things I had been asking for, for the benefit of the ministry’s after my leaving, is now, as I hear, taking place. Sometimes we stand in the way of progress and don’t even know it until our Lord moves us to another place, still in His heart. I was asked to say in them as the reason of my departure was a misunderstanding. Rather then go back, where I knew nothing would change for the better of the community, I left the door open and kept walking. I am now at a new parish as truly feel our Lord calling me to do EVERYTHING I had done at my old parish, in love for Him, and do it now in my own home for my children, husband and maybe down the road, where He is calling me to. I feel at this time I need to keep many things in my heart but still be a shinning light for my family in the faith. Until He calls me to write again.

In many ways I began to feel as if I was outgrowing this “Fish Bowl”. I could no longer attend Holy Mass without someone coming up to me with a question during Holy Mass and that was just too much for me. I live to help others, but not at the expense of the Holy Mass, the faith or our Lord. If a soul is being called to distract another DURING Mass for any question, then the help they need is much greater than I can give. Yes, He is removing me from “This Fishbowl” and placing me in a much bigger one, free from the nibbling and picking on in a much larger tank. Free to worship again. I forgive them and pray always for everyone… Thy will be done O Lord. Thy will.

3 responses to “No More Fish Bowl”

  1. Thank you for gracing us with this wonderful blog. I can definitely say I’ll miss your writings. But I will pray for your break and for your vocation as a mom. 🙂 God bless you. Anthony


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