In My Tribe – EDIT TO ADD

med bag

I found a remarkable feather, big one, a few days ago. I thought about Jesus as our “Chief”. While praying evening prayers last night, from Carmel’s Call,

Psalm 122 –

3 Jerusalem is built like a city
that is closely compacted together.
4 That is where the tribes go up—
the tribes of the Lord—

Immediately passing before my eyes was my pyx and leather holder. I had forgotten that when I was VERY little, I loved Native Americans. I had wanted so badly to be a “Medicine Man”. I had a little pouch that I would pretend was my medicine bag, placing little things in it pretending it could cure anyone of anything. Here our Lord was showing me, in fact, He has allowed me to be one of His. Only our Lord knew this about me, and only our Lord could remind me of a memory that had been lost for many years.

“I am the Lord, who test the mind and heart; I give each man what his conduct deserves”

EDIT TO ADD: Its a turkey feather…. “Thanksgiving”

Edit to add, Feast of St. Peter & St. Paul… June 29, 2013

I was unsure if I could make the meeting tomorrow at St. Joseph Cathedral to become an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion there, because I could not find a baby sitter for my young children and the thought of them making it through it, without becoming a distraction to others, concerned me.. So our Lord through Father Dave Leon, this morning, announced after Mass at Little Flower Haven, he needed one to help serve in USD Medical Center… Our Lord called my name and now I will be helping Father Dave and the Carmelites do just that.

“The angel of the Lord will rescue those who fear him.”

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