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Repentant Sinner


I am a sinner. A repentant sinner. In all that you can read in all I have written, what it all comes down to is I have done nothing. Nothing that anyone else who believes in our Lord would not have done. I am a sinner. A repentant sinner, only now, living the faith that our Lord has given to us. I am no different than anyone else. Anyone else who said yes Lord.

This is where my entire conversion of heart has come to, today. I have a blazing love for all souls, but more for our Lord. I try to live within the balance of the world to come, and exile. I can not survive without our Lord. Without being in full communion with Him and His bride. Without receiving the sacraments continually, and in a steady life of prayer. I can not live in Him, without the glory being given to Him at all times. This is where He has brought me. Many years have passed and I have been through many trials. In all my tribulation, I have accomplished nothing but the acceptance of God gaining my soul. Only today, the race home has begun. All else was simply training for the race. With our Lords help, may I win to give Him the glory and all my love, as today and all days, belong to Him. I have done nothing, but everything wrong. Today the right path is open. Only now finding I am truly empty, to be filled with our Lord. You, Lord have “Cleaned the inside of cup and dish first so that it and the outside are both clean.” All glory and honor to God.


Recognizing sin, accepting mercy is key to salvation, pope says

Jesus told his disciples that the entrance to heaven is like a “narrow gate,” not because God has made salvation so difficult, but because people find it difficult to recognize their sinfulness and accept God’s mercy, Pope Francis said.


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The World In Which We Live


Taken from Paul Claudel, via Magnificat Monday, from a meditation of his on the Apostles’ Creed:

We live… in a state of disorder. There has been a corruption of the original order, of the order that charged all things to become visible; there has been a warping of certain wheels, which causes friction throughout the mechanism. The disorder cannot, by definition, be the work of the Creator, because everything that proceeds from him is, by definition, good. Therefore it can only be the work of the free creature, free to choose himself as an end, instead of God who has no end.
Difference, preference … this false preference is the so-called original sin, which is the result of this original difference away from God in which the creature delights, and delights as an end in itself.
The consequence of original sin, by which the finite being chooses himself as end, is the End, either death or separation — separation for the rebel angels forever banned from life, death for man who loses his body, or the essential difference in which he delights.
By his sin, man withdraws from God his body and the service of his body, to which all nature is bound in solidarity. He is no longer “adjusted.” What he robbed while in a state of grace he cannot now restore in a state of sin. God alone can restore God (or God’s work) to himself by a sort of recreation or regeneration.”Fiat,” says the Father, “voluntas mea.” “Fiat voluntas tua,” answers the Son.

If you think for a second, that “American Entertainment” is anything less than one huge pornography industry, you are greatly mistaken. Vulgarity has replaced every aspect of clean entertainment that all one can see anymore is the manifestation of a very perverse nation, with a twisted reality, who has lost her entire set of morals and values.

It’s pathetic to see a nation of hungry animals just waiting for that “child actor” to be taken into the abyss of “sex sells”. If sex sells, what is it selling but more sex and all you have left is sex, then there is nothing left to sell. You are left only to the realization, you have already sold your own souls and all that “free love” was not so free.

Such is the world in which we live, but not where we are to stay.

Our Lord is looking for you…

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A Time For Preparing


Today is supply day at my children’s school. As parents prepare for the new school year, I can’t help but see this coming year as a great preparation time. After our Lord, over my lifetime as prepared me to understand His love for us, in Holy Communion, I am now ready to teach my children how to prepare to receive Him in the Holy Eucharist. We spend so much time preparing our children for the world and often overlook our Lord in that preparation. We can’t continue on this lost path where soccer and cheerleading end up being more important than life.

My little daughter Violet is ready for third grade. She will be receiving our Lord for the first time next spring. I will be spending this time, not only in more of a family way with my first vocation, as mother, but much deeper in preparing my daughter to understand that to live life to the fullest, has to be done completely immersed in the love of our Lord. I hope all parents understand that the love our Lord has for them, is just the same for the children He gives to us and without proper teaching for us, living the faith, the love He extends to us, falls on deaf ears, thus leaving hearts to the elements of the world, to turn to stone.

I pray today, and always, that parents all over the world understand that receiving children in the name of our Lord, means following through with teaching them the importance of the faith me have. First Holy Communion is the wedding of your child’s soul, to that of our Lord’s. It’s not about the dress or the clothing. It’s not about the party after. It’s about a life long commitment between the soul crate in the image of God and Him, to love one another as He loves us. I know in my heart, parents and children alike, need to go “Back to School” and learn to love our Lord above all things…

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Take Heart


For all who are worried about what is taking place in the world, The persecution of Catholics and Coptic’s in Egypt and everywhere in this world. Take comfort. They can loot the churches, burn them down, destroy all “visible” aspects of the Christian and Catholic faith they want in Egypt and elsewhere. NO ONE can destroy the faith in the Heart of every one of God’s faithful. PERIOD! The “Body” is the Temple of our Lord and He shall prevail.

“Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks. John 4:23”

Physical man-made buildings come & go, SOULS go on FOREVER~! Christ Jesus, is our King and He is alive and well in our hearts, no matter what they do to the “buildings” we worship Him in.

I offer you to look at Servant of God, Cardinal Van Thuan.

“After South Vietnam was conquered by the North Vietnamese communists in 1975, Archbishop Thuan – who had just been appointed Coadjutor Archbishop of Saigon – like hundreds of thousands of his countrymen, was imprisoned. He served a total of 13 years in prison, for nine years of which he was in solitary confinement at Vinh Phu prison in Hanoi, former capital of North Vietnam. The pope said the man celebrated Mass every day in prison, “with three drops of wine and a drop of water in his hand. This was his altar. This was his cathedral.”

“During thirteen years in jail, in a situation of seemingly utter hopelessness, the fact that he could listen and speak to God became for him an increasing power of hope, which enabled him, after his release, to become for people all over the world a witness to hope—to that great hope which does not wane even in the nights of solitude.” 2007 encyclical, Spe Salvi, Benedict XVI referred to Thuận’s Prayers of Hope

Servant of God, Cardinal Van Thuan, pray for us

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

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The Carcinogen Of Secularism


This is what happens when society continues to vote for the lesser of two evils.

In the beginning, the “evil” doesn’t “seem” so bad, (It doesn’t affect me) but over time, it grows into something so large, it tramples everything good in its path that stands in the way of it ruling every life that it has been growing in. Abortion: Made legal in 1973 in the USA, but laws protecting the faithful from government paying for them was enacted. (Band Aid) Society KNEW it was wrong but did it anyway.

This is the war between the Culture of Life and the Culture of Death. Truth verses lies. It’s very obvious to see the destructive path this man, Obama, (Although it could be anyone who subscribes to this way of thinking) and the Culture of Death are leading our nation into, from the same destructive path she has been on for many years. It’s just now, under his control, the evil has become big enough to see without a microscope.

Secularism is the cancerous “tumor” in society and it is always life threatening. The culture of death starts like a single cell of cancer, that without “cutting it out” but rather placing a band-aid over it, enters the lymphatic system of society and metastasize into many areas, until it makes us all physically sick. Leading only to death. We know, over time, the Band-Aid always falls off.

The cure can only be found in the Truth. God help us.

This post is not just about abortion, but ALL the aspects of the Culture of Death. We, the Catholic Church, the faithful who believe, ARE the cure! Alone against society, the cure has been non responsive, collected together, the monster of the culture of death in which we live can and WILL be defeated. Like radiation attacking a tumor, we need to work together. Beginning in each and every home. Radiating out into the society in which we live.

“Let nothing disturb you” does not mean don’t act on anything. It means act on what our Lord is telling you to act on, in the face of every condemnation that may come as He is with you. When a soul reaches out to you, reach back out to them. Don’t feel a need to stay in your comfort zone to protect YOUR faith but reach out to those in need to BRING them the consolation our Lord has given to you, least you become to “rich” to move in any direction, including closer to Him for the benefit of the entire Church and all society at death’s door, giving all the glory to God.

“We must never grow accustomed to evil!” – Pope Francis


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Cohabitation And Holy Communion

Jesus Euc

Before the full fire of my conversion took hold of me, it was December of 2008. At Holy Mass, just before going up to receive our Lord, just after praying, “Lord I am not worthy to receive you, but only say the word and I shall be healed, I heard in my heart, very distinctly “DO NOT receive me.” So I didn’t. I cried. Tears ran down my cheeks.

I understood that moment that I needed to take care of my sin, repent and do what is right and just. I shook at the thought of telling my, the man who I called my husband for three years. Would he understand? Would he leave me? I brought this up to my confessor who reassured me, DO NOT receive our Lord because I had been married outside of the Church, after divorcing my first husband. Thus the annulment process began and the 4 years of deep repentance, and CHASTITY (my current husband and I living as brother & sister) began.

I was able to receive our Lord after a time of not having relations with my, the man I called my husband and grew through our Lords grace, to understand it truly IS Him in the Eucharist, after many years “thinking” maybe it was Him. In that time, I fell in love with our Lord.

During the time I could not receive, I attended Holy Mass daily anyway, and when it came time to receive Him, it was as if I was chained to the pillar, receiving my lashes for my sin against Him. It was very painful and He shared this with me, so I would grow closer to Him.

It’s VERY important NOT to be in a state of Mortal sin when receiving Him. Straight couples, or homosexual. We are ALL called to chastity and when we refuse to use that grace of His, we are refusing Him. When you refuse Him in “Spirit”, please don’t receive Him in the flesh.

I am posting this for all souls today who are divorced and remarried, who are cohabiting before marriage, engaging in sexual relations before marriage and for all homosexual relations as to when NOT to receive our Lord in Holy Communion. To receive our Lord in a state of Mortal Sin is receiving death.

Happy the man watching daily at my gates, waiting at my doorposts; For he who finds me finds life, and wins favor from the LORD; But he who misses me harms himself; all who hate me love death.” Proverbs 8 34-36  

EDIT TO ADD: 4/2/18

Pope at Audience: ‘Mass makes us a living Eucharist’

After the breaking of the bread, Pope Francis said, the priest invites the faithful to acknowledge that the Lamb of God takes away the sins of the world.

“This invitation,” he said, “calls us to taste intimate union with God, who is the source of joy and holiness.” It also pushes us to examine our conscience in the light of faith, he said.

He said that acknowledging our sins helps us accept the “medicine” of the Blood of Christ, which unites us ever closer to him, according to St. Ambrose.


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Very Harsh Years


I just returned from assessing my garden. Over the years I have had an abundance of fruit from my trees. At various times of the year, it has come in handy to place in my children’s lunches and when money had been very tight for eating wonderful snacks through a week of not spending a dime because, I had not one to spend. We were comforted by God with the fruit that was so needed through harsh times. All provided by, grown by and nurtured by, our Lord.

This season, it’s very different. My fig tree is bursting with figs. More this year then any other. Right now they are ripe for picking. But my orange tree that is usually bending over, bending branches full of oranges, has only one this year. Not one tangerine. Not one pomegranate. Not one single lime and after five years, not a single bunch of grapes on the vine. It is a very harsh year for fruit in my garden.

With that being said, our Lord truly provides and I thank Him not only for this harsh year, but for all of them. They are a blessing used to pull us closer to Him and to make us aware that He provides for all our needs. In more ways than we can ever imagine.

What is very different this year, for the first time in over eight years, I was offered a job, and have decided to take it. It will end my active duty within the Legion of Mary but being that it is only a part-time job, I can continue to attend Holy Mass daily, drop my children off at school and still be able to pick them up when they get out. Still allowing me to be a full-time practicing Catholic. The pay offered, was much higher than I had expected and the company itself, is for a very well-known Church Supply company. Only our Lord can arrange this life He has given to me in such a wonderful way. In all this company supply’s, I can see daily, and still be around the very beauty of the faith. I look at the supply’s of this company as the “seeds” needed to be planted in order that the harvest of souls can be fed in a way that gives glory to our Lord. Much of my life has been spent in disbelief, in one way or another. Be it my own idea of who God is, or in the twisted way of thinking I had not been good enough to please Him, to live the faith, or to trust in Him. Our Lord has proved me wrong time and time again, manifesting Himself so greatly in my life over the past fifteen years, leavening no room for doubt, He truly loves me and His mercy endures forever. I have sought Him in all and have found Him in all.

I start this new job on September third, the feast day of St. Gregory the Great.

“Dearly beloved, what do you see in these events? Do you really believe that it was by chance that this chosen disciple was absent, then came and heard, heard and doubted, doubted and touched, touched and believed? It was not by chance but in God’s providence. In a marvelous way God’s mercy arranged that the disbelieving disciple, in touching the wounds of his master’s body, should heal our wounds of disbelief. The disbelief of Thomas has done more for our faith than the faith of the other disciples. As he touches Christ and is won over to belief, every doubt is cast aside and our faith is strengthened. So the disciple who doubted, then felt Christ’s wounds, becomes a witness to the reality of the resurrection.” (Pope St. Gregory the Great, Doctor of the Church)

I have spent many years away from “home”, working for others, in love, through love and charity. There is no doubt our Lord is telling me it is time to work for those closest to me. The closer you become to Christ, the more painful it becomes. All the doors He held open for you, need closing, so only one remains. That door leads to the Chamber of our Lord. I submit to His will.

May the Legion of Mary, Mystical Rose be more prosperous, with my departure. Mama Mary has shown me so much and taught me what sacrifice is, mercy is, and patience. Not only teaching me what they truly were, but how to put them into use. My departure is only physical. My heart and soul will continue to carry the Legion and her message, in all that I encounter and apply it all again, in love.

If any one of you should be asked if he loved God, he would answer with entire confidence and complete conviction, ‘I do.’ But you heard at the beginning of the reading what Truth said: ‘If anyone loves me, he will keep my word.’ The proof of love is its manifestation in deeds (1 Jn 4:16). This is why John says in his Letter: ‘He who says, ‘I love God,’ and does not observe his commandments is a liar’ (1 Jn 2:4). Our love is true if we keep our self-will in check according to his commandments. One who is still wandering here and there through his unlawful desires does not really love God, because he is opposing him in his self-will.

‘And my Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him.’ Consider, dearly beloved, how great this solemnity is that commemorates the coming of God as a guest in our hearts. If some rich and powerful friend were to enter your home, you would quickly clean the entire house for fear something there might offend your friend’s eyes when he entered. Let any one then who is preparing his inner house for God cleanse away the dirt of his evil deeds.

You see what Truth tells us: ‘We will come and make our home with him.’ He does indeed enter the hearts of some but does not make his home there, because through repentance they acquire respect for God, but during a time of temptation they forget that they have repented and so return to committing sins as if they had never wept over them at all. The Lord comes into the heart and makes his home in one who truly loves God and observes his commandments, since the love of his divine nature so penetrates him that he does not turn away from it during times of temptation. That person loves truly whose heart does not consent to be overcome by wicked pleasures. The more pleasure a person finds in lower things the greater is his separation from heavenly love.

‘One who does not love me does not keep my words.’ Dearly beloved, enter into yourselves and inquire if you truly love God. But let not one believe the answer his heart gives in his own case apart from the testimony of his works. Let him examine his words, his thoughts and his life concerning the love of his Creator. God’s love is never idle. Where it exists, it does great things; if it refuses to work, it is not love. – an excerpt from the book Gregory the Great: Forty Gospel Homilies

Money in my life has always been a distraction away from all that God has provided for us. I have never had an attachment to it, but rather see it for what it is. Knowing this more deeply now before taking on my new job, truly is a blessing in more ways then I could ever imagine. God provides for all our needs. Including filling us with understanding on how to use money and how not to let it use us.

Thank you Lord for all you have done to me, in me, for us and all who love you.

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“Mine are the heavens and mine is the earth. Mine are the nations, the just are mine, and mine the sinners. The angels are mine, and the Mother of God, and all things are mine; and God himself is mine and for me, because Christ is mine and all for me. What do you ask, then, and seek, my soul? Yours is all of this, and all is for you. Do not engage yourself in anything less or pay heed to the crumbs that fall from your Father’s table. Go forth and exult in your Glory! Hide yourself in it and rejoice, and you will obtain the supplications of your heart.” – Saint John of the Cross, Sayings of Light and Love, 27

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Fire of God

I had to share..

Vespers – Part of the Homily NOT preached Today (Aug 17) at the Vigil Mass: “Jesus has indeed set the earth on fire with His truth, and there will be no peace in this world until all falsehood finally bows to the truth”.

Someone says, “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act”. We are living in such times. The world today stands in a great danger of being crushed by the secular aggression that is pouring out from all sides. A prophet is always a revolutionary. A prophet’s primary duty is to speak forth God’s message to God’s people; to tell people the truth they would not like to hear. A prophet to admonishes, reproves, denounces sin, calls to repentance, and brings consolation and pardon. Human society in every age bears testimony to the fact that to offer the light of truth to any morally depraved society is to invite serious repercussions. Prophet Jeremiah called the people of Judah to repentance. So the people hated him because of this, and plotted to kill him. Through baptism, we share in Christ’s own prophetic office. We too are invited to speak the word of God to our increasingly morally depraved world. As prophets, we are also called to speak in prayer to God the way Jesus does, and the main prayer of Jesus to His Father is the offering of His flesh and blood. We too are called to present our bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, in spiritual worship. We are called to be completely crucified to the world, live to God alone, enjoying an intimate familiarity with the Lord. This is total commitment. As St Paul rightly counsels in the second reading, we must persevere in living out our faith, while always keeping Jesus before our eyes, and having in mind the joys of eternal life that await us in heaven.

One Egyptian Christian said two days ago, following the burning of several Churches in his country: “You can burn our Churches but you cannot burn our faith”. This is the spirit of martyrdom to which we are called as prophets in Christ. Jesus has indeed set the earth on fire with His truth, and there will be no peace in this world until all falsehood finally bows to the truth.
Fr-Nwora Okeke
Johns Creek, Georgia

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If The World Hates You


“If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first.” John 15:18


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Crying For Help In Egypt


Many Christian and Catholic Churches in Egypt are being burned and are under attack by the Muslim Brotherhood. We need to pray continually for this to come to an abrupt end. Lord have mercy on us all.

Kudos to Fr. Z. and The Blaze:

“A wave of devastating violence swept through Egypt Wednesday as the government attempted to disband the supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi from their sit-ins. According to the Associated Press, 638 people have now been confirmed killed, and nearly 4,000 are injured.”

Churches (links to photos and story’s here)


1.Father Maximus Church

1.St George Church | Burned

1.Good Shepherds Monastery | Nuns attacked
2.Angel Michael Church | Surrounded
3.St George Coptic Orthodox Church
4.Al-Eslah Church| Burned
5.Adventist Church | Pastor and his wife kidnapped
6.St Therese Church
7.Apostles Church | Burning
8.Holy Revival Church | Burning
9.Qusiya Diocese

Beni Suef
1.The Nuns School
2.St George Church | al-Wasta

1.St Fatima Basilica | Heliopolis | Attempted Attack
2.Virgin Mary’s Church | Hakim Village | Burned

Fayoum (Five churches)
1.St Mary Church | El Nazlah |
2.St Damiana Church | Robbed and burned
3.Amir Tawadros (St Theodore) Church
4.Evangelical Church | al-Zorby Village | Looting and destruction
5.Church of Joseph | Burned
6.Franciscan School | Burned

1.Diocese of St Paul | Burned

1.Father Antonios
2.Atfeeh Bishopric

Minya (Around twelve churches)
1.Church of the Virgin Mary and Father Abram | Delga, Deir Mawas |
2.St Mina Church | Abu Hilal Kebly, Beni Hilal |
3.Baptist Church | Beni Mazar |
4.Monastery | Deir Mawas | Ahram (Arabic)
5.Delga Church | Attacked (Previously attacked with fire)
6.The Jesuit Fathers Church | Abu Hilal district
7.St Mark Church | Abu Hilal district
8.St Joseph Nunnery |
9.Amir Tadros Church
10.Evangelical Church |
11.Anba Moussa al-Aswad Church |
12.Apostles Church |

1.St Mary’s Church | Attempted Burning

1.St George Church
2.St Damiana | Attacked and burned
3.Virgin Mary | Attacked and burned
4.St Mark Church & Community Center
5.Anba Abram Church | Destroyed and burned

1.St Saviours Anglican Church
2.Franciscan Church and School | Street 23 | Burned
3.Holy Shepherd Monastery and Hospital
4.Good Shepherd Church (molotov cocktail thrown)- Relationship with Holy Shepherd Monastery unknown.
5.Greek Orthodox Church

Christian Institutions
•House of Father Angelos (Pastor of Church of the Virgin Mary and Father Abram) | Delga, Minya | Burned |
•Properties and Markets of Copts | al-Gomhorreya Street, Assiut
•Seventeen Coptic homes | Delga, Minya | Burned
•YMCA | Minya| Burned
•Coptic Homes | Qulta Street, Assiut | Attacked
•Offices of the Evangelical Foundation & Oum al-Nour | Minya
•Coptic-owned shops, pharmacy, and hotels | Karnak and Cleopatra Streets, Luxor | Attacked and Looted
•Dahabeya Nile Boat | Minya| Church-owned
•Bible Society bookshop | Cairo | Burned
•Bible Society | Fayoum
•Bible Society | al-Gomohoreya Street, Assiut
•Ezbet el Nekhl

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, help us!

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All Day, All Night

Our Lord

This photo surfaced today from the movie The Passion Of The Christ. As soon as I seen it, I couldn’t help but see this as it truly is. Don’t look at this photo as an actor receiving instructions from a director. Think of this as a man speaking to our Lord through his day. Sitting with his best friend. Asking His advise in all his ways.

This is how each and every one of us, who say we “believe” should spend all our days. Never forget, He IS right with you at all times. Talk to Him throughout the day and never think for a moment He is not there with you, at every moment and not just when you need Him. This is how I spend every second of my day and night. Outside of Holy Mass, this is how it is.

I don’t see Jim Caviezel or Mel Gibson in this photo. I see for the first time, someone able to capture a snapshot of the reality of Faith.

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Prayer For Priests


Virgin most holy, Mother of God, Immaculate Heart of Mary I pray, protect our Lords priests this day and always from the evil one. Crush him, again and again I beg you that they may see his evil intentions and pull closer together into the arms of our Lord and complete His will through the grace of piety that you most Holy Mother in Heaven are so full of, along with all the graces needed that you Most Loving Mother understand that are needed today. May they, through you, Blessed Mother, overcome this world and be strengthened to carry the heavy crosses assigned to them by our Lord, with greater ease and peace. I pray through you Mama Mary, most favorite of Abba Father, to your Son our Lord.


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St. Maximilian Kolbe


Saint Maximilian Maria Kolbe, O.F.M. Conv., (Polish: Maksymilian Maria Kolbe; 8 January 1894 – 14 August 1941) was a Polish Conventual Franciscan friar, who volunteered to die in place of a stranger in the Nazi German death camp of Auschwitz, located in German-occupied Poland during World War II.

Kolbe was canonized on 10 October 1982 by Pope John Paul II, and declared a martyr of charity. He is the patron saint of drug addicts, political prisoners, families, journalists, prisoners, and the pro-life movement. Pope John Paul II declared him “The Patron Saint of Our Difficult Century”.

Due to Kolbe’s efforts to promote consecration and entrustment to Mary, he is known as the Apostle of Consecration to Mary.

Pray for us…

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No Self Made Man

xjesusheartill2Alfred Delp: A Self-surrender at the Heart of the World

I had to re-blog this from Father Peter Nguyen on Alfred Delp. Please read it in full at the above link.

“In the Kingdom of God there is no self-made man. An open heart receives the thoughts of God. An open ear receives his guidance. Life either comes to grip with the great Heart or nothing else. One must be capable of genuine decision and devotion”

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No Doubt In My Heart, It Is St. Michael the Archangel

car crash

EDIT TO ADD: Never mind: Although I am sure he helped to get the Priest where he needed to be at the perfect time:

Mystery Priest Who Showed Up at a Crash Scene Then Vanished Has Been Identified — and Here’s the Unlikely Way He Came Forward


May God bless you always Rev. Patrick Dowling.

It’s STILL miraculous. To think for a second that our Lord didn’t have a hand in this Priest being right there at the perfect time, having the “tools” needed, advising the rescue workers that their tools would now work, the fact he became a priest in the first place and did our Lords will, is interesting and miraculous in itself. Glory STILL goes to God. I see our Lord’s hand in this no matter what anyone else sees.

Everyone keeps speculating as to who the Mystery “Priest” was in regards to the story that broke a few days ago.
See here: Could “Mystery Priest” be a long-dead Benedictine Monk?

What everyone keeps missing is his words…

“your tools will work now.”

I can’t help but see St. Michael the Archangel at work. He is after all the patron of Firefighters, Police and rescue workers.

Angel priest in Missouri details emerge: Anointed crash victim and firefighters (Video)

In any case, thank you Lord for sending a Heavenly Host, to help all involved. May the glory be yours for all time.

From EWTN:

Glorious prince St. Michael,
chief and commander of the heavenly hosts,
guardian of souls, vanquisher of rebel spirits,
servant in the house of the Divine King
and our admirable conductor,
you who shine with excellence
and superhuman virtue deliver us from all evil,
who turn to you with confidence
and enable us by your gracious protection
to serve God more and more faithfully every day.

St. Michael the Archangel, pray for us

I pray to him all the time, for the protection of all our Lord’s first responders…

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St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross


Pray for us.

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Heal Our Broken Hearts


My husband and I have been friends of the Anderson family, for many years. I am requesting prayers pleas for the soul of Tina and Ethan, for the return of Hanna but most of all, for the conversion of the soul of Jim, the man accused in the kidnaping and murders.

Forgives is the most powerful medicine that can be used to fix a broken heart.

We are called to love our enemies and to love unconditionally. Although not very easy to do. Especially when that mercy and love is not returned. When we do, we can understand with a pure heart: “Father, forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing.”

Although most are not able to reach this point yet, I feel I must and say to Jim Dimagio, not because I have to, but rather it is in my heart, the forgiveness and mercy of our Lord, is always extended. All you have to do is reach for Him. What is done, is done. No matter how horrific the sins you have committed have been in the eyes of all, our Lord was crucified and died for you to. His mercy endures forever. You have the chance to crush the head of the evil one driving you to sin, do it. Turn yourself in to police. It’s not to say that all is forgotten by society, as you are still held accountable for your actions. With God, with our Lord, being held accountable, owning up to our sins comes much easier and the burden becomes lighter to carry. Please turn yourself in, put an end to all of this and allow God, our Lord, through the Holy Spirit, to fully heal our broken hearts and move closer to God.

I forgive him Lord and I place him, and all of this in your hands.

Matthew 18:21-35 “Then came Peter to him (Jesus), and said, ‘Lord, how often shall my brother sin against me, and I must forgive him? Seven times?’
Jesus said to him, ‘I won’t tell you “seven times,” but seventy times seven.’ Therefore, the kingdom of heaven is like a certain king that would settle accounts with his servants. When he began to reckon with them, one was brought to him that owed him ten thousand talents. But since he was not able to pay, his master commanded that he be sold, along with his wife, his children, and all that he possessed, so that payment could be made. Therefore, the servant fell down and besought him, saying, ‘Lord, have patience with me and I will pay you all of it!’
Then the master of the servant was moved with compassion and let him loose, and forgave his debt.
But the servant went out and found one of his fellow servants that owed him a hundred pence, and he laid hands on him and took him by the throat, saying, ‘Pay me what you owe!’ And his fellow servant fell down at his feet and besought him, saying, ‘Have patience with me and I will pay you all of it!’ But he would have none of it, and threw him into prison until he would pay the debt.
So, now, when his fellow servants saw what was done, they were very sorry, and came and told their master all that was done. Then, his master, after he called him, said to him, ‘You wicked servant! I forgave you all that debt because you desired it of me. Should you not also have had compassion on your fellow servant, just like I had pity on you?’
And his master was very angry, and delivered him to be tortured until he should repay everything that was due. So, this is like my heavenly Father will do toward you if you do not forgive every brother’s trespasses.”

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God Alone Suffices

great faith

When no one cares about what you have seen, what you have done, the changes in your soul that only God could do, good! Then will you start to understand that God cares, God has done everything and that is all that matters.

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The Blame Game Fake War

kingdom of God

When ever anyone says to you that there is a war inside the Catholic Church, between the so-called “Diehard Faithful” and those who they perceive as not “faithful” as Michael Vois has done in his latest video, (SEE HERE) stop them in their tracks and say to them point-blank: The war is internal, not in the Catholic Church, but within each and every soul. Those who profess that thy know who the faithful are, are lacking in the faith themselves. As no one but our Lord knows what is each human heart. And what He is doing to build the “Temple “inside each of us, through His Church. To incite a war where there is none, is not as our Lord has asked of any of us and all that becomes of such nonsense is diversion and division away from the faith not a “Gathering” as we know is the fruit of the Holy Spirit. I pray for the entire Catholic Church today, to understand “Common Ground” in our Lord. To understand how to pray for patience, when our patience is tested, by things that take place beyond our control. For acceptance to all our brothers and sisters in Christ, regardless of the amount of faith and grace they have obtained to date, and rather than condemn them, “For they know not what they do”, pray for them also, to become more “Christ Like “as we all are called to be. Forgive us Lord. All of us.

The “Blame Game” has been taking place since the fall in the garden. When Adam told God: “The Woman made me eat the fruit”. There is only so long we can place “blame” on others, until we see we have only ourselves to blame. When that takes place, humility is allowed to prosper and all the graces of God take hold.

How long do we sit and blame everything on Vatican II, the “Unfaithful”, “Altar Girls” and every other “distraction” away from the faith, rather then our own lack of faith our Lord, who brought us to all this, who will lead us through….

There is no reason today, to look back on the past 40+ years of “a bad catechesis” when we have all the tools we need today to pull closer to our Lord, in our Catholic faith NOW, today, and not to continue to sit and wallow in what we perceive to be failures. Pick yourself up out of the self-pity and dust off the cobwebs. The Kingdom of God is at hand.

Take responsibility! Lord! It is MY FAULT my faith in you is not as strong as it should be!

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