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All Day, All Night

Our Lord

This photo surfaced today from the movie The Passion Of The Christ. As soon as I seen it, I couldn’t help but see this as it truly is. Don’t look at this photo as an actor receiving instructions from a director. Think of this as a man speaking to our Lord through his day. Sitting with his best friend. Asking His advise in all his ways.

This is how each and every one of us, who say we “believe” should spend all our days. Never forget, He IS right with you at all times. Talk to Him throughout the day and never think for a moment He is not there with you, at every moment and not just when you need Him. This is how I spend every second of my day and night. Outside of Holy Mass, this is how it is.

I don’t see Jim Caviezel or Mel Gibson in this photo. I see for the first time, someone able to capture a snapshot of the reality of Faith.

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Prayer For Priests


Virgin most holy, Mother of God, Immaculate Heart of Mary I pray, protect our Lords priests this day and always from the evil one. Crush him, again and again I beg you that they may see his evil intentions and pull closer together into the arms of our Lord and complete His will through the grace of piety that you most Holy Mother in Heaven are so full of, along with all the graces needed that you Most Loving Mother understand that are needed today. May they, through you, Blessed Mother, overcome this world and be strengthened to carry the heavy crosses assigned to them by our Lord, with greater ease and peace. I pray through you Mama Mary, most favorite of Abba Father, to your Son our Lord.


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