Repentant Sinner


I am a sinner. A repentant sinner. In all that you can read in all I have written, what it all comes down to is I have done nothing. Nothing that anyone else who believes in our Lord would not have done. I am a sinner. A repentant sinner, only now, living the faith that our Lord has given to us. I am no different than anyone else. Anyone else who said yes Lord.

This is where my entire conversion of heart has come to, today. I have a blazing love for all souls, but more for our Lord. I try to live within the balance of the world to come, and exile. I can not survive without our Lord. Without being in full communion with Him and His bride. Without receiving the sacraments continually, and in a steady life of prayer. I can not live in Him, without the glory being given to Him at all times. This is where He has brought me. Many years have passed and I have been through many trials. In all my tribulation, I have accomplished nothing but the acceptance of God gaining my soul. Only today, the race home has begun. All else was simply training for the race. With our Lords help, may I win to give Him the glory and all my love, as today and all days, belong to Him. I have done nothing, but everything wrong. Today the right path is open. Only now finding I am truly empty, to be filled with our Lord. You, Lord have “Cleaned the inside of cup and dish first so that it and the outside are both clean.” All glory and honor to God.


Recognizing sin, accepting mercy is key to salvation, pope says

Jesus told his disciples that the entrance to heaven is like a “narrow gate,” not because God has made salvation so difficult, but because people find it difficult to recognize their sinfulness and accept God’s mercy, Pope Francis said.

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