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In His Blood


The other night, I was printing off my Divine Office prayers to pray before bed and I ran out of ink. I was left with white sheets of paper and no words. I seen the red ink tank was full and changed all the prayers from black to red and printed them off and went into my room to pray.

As I looked at the prayers, I was taken by the red words and remembered, every word of our Lord was written with the Finger of God, in the most Precious Blood of our Lord. I was awe-struck that such a simple daily task as printing out my prayers for the evening had turned into a beautiful reflection on the cost of our freedom all through the Holy Spirit.

Every letter of every word, a single droplet of His precious blood, feeding our spiritual development as children of God in the womb of the Holy Church, through the umbilical cord of faith in Him.

I just had to share this. Glory and honor to God.

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