Yes I Believe Lord


Yesterday was my monthly meeting with the Third Order of Carmel. Our lectio divina was of John 9 (Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind). I had to leave the room as the tears ran down my cheeks. After composing myself and knowing what our Lord has done for me, please see here , I joined my group once again and realized for a fact, our Lord had called me and I had answered.

Our group talk was on St. Teresa Avila and the Interior Castle. I knew what was needed to be said as I knew through experience what was asked of me in the 6th Mansion. Our Lord had been my Life Partner, being the Spouse of my Soul. I had gone through many spiritual trials in my faith and like the pangs of birth, they would come and go, increasing in pain and strength, the more my spiritual life increased. In order to give birth, otherwise to bring for the fruit from the seed that had been planted so long ago, our Lord nurtured this faith until it had manifested into reality. Giving me the strength to carry on further into total trust in Him. Just as a woman in labor pushes and pushes for this birth, so have I in trying to bring about this “child” sooner then God had allowed. All at once while speaking about the Sixth Mansion, I seen the past few days coming to a head, giving me strength as the faith I had was crowing and our Lord called me to push further and harder just one more time, and as I did, I gave birth to this “fruit” of faith bringing me into total joy after so much pain, through the One who planted this inside of me. I handed this “fruit” to Him through the waiting arms of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and into the arms of the Most Sacred Heart of my Lord. Like the presentation of our Lord, I was presenting all He had called me to do in love. I give it all back to my Lord Jesus Christ, and pray that many “children” may come to Him through this new birth of belief in Him, completely.


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