Yesterday morning, as I was leaving my home to attend Holy Mass, I noticed in the driveway of my neighbor, some tables sitting out. I went back into my home and my husband had mentioned the tables. They were very nice and I loved the style. We were in need of new tables and to purchase something new was not in the immediate future as our finances are not that great. As I was about to leave, for Mass, my husband told me to ask the neighbor if he was selling them and ask him if we could purchase them.

Walking out I noticed my neighbor and had inquired about the tables. Much to my surprise they were very inexpensive and I informed him that we would purchase them. I left for Holy Mass.

Mass was simply beautiful. The presence of our Lord was so overwhelming that I could not stop smiling through the entire Mass. When Mass had ended, I came back home. As I was pulling into the driveway, I noticed the tables and I heard in my heart “Mission”. The style of the tables is “Mission”. I was full of so much joy! Here our Lord was telling me all about my mission. My “Mission” in life is this home in which He has placed me. My “Mission” is the children He has given to me to teach all about Him. My home is now understood as “My Mission”. My mission is to ensure my children are given the firm “Foundation” in the faith. With His grace, I accept His mission.

Today is Mission Sunday. May our Lord grant all of us His grace to understand we all have a “Mission” and we are all called to accept it, and continue to accomplish this “Mission”.

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