The World Party


Wednesday night as I drove to Holy Mass, I was “reminded” of a situation that was told to me. In all honesty, it is a recap of my entire life. We always think in different situations that when our parents tell us no, they just don’t understand. This is hardly the case. They understand completely thus the reason they say “no”. because they know that our actions will cause us or others great harm.

What I was told and now can place together and the story of my conversion…

As I was growing up, I was invited to a “party”. EVERYONE was going to be there. I asked my “Dad” if I could go and He said absolutely not! What’s going to take place at that “party” will hurt you in more ways than you can understand right now. There will be a much greater “party” when you are done with all your “work”. I was disappointed because all my “friends” were going and everyone I thought I knew were going to be there. When I “thought” my “Dad” wasn’t looking, I went anyway. On my way there, a car stopped and asked me where I was going and if I needed a ride. I said yeah, I’m going to this party and everyone is going to be there. He said hop in, I’m going to and I will take you there. We got to the “party” and everyone was dancing and singing and some people were dressed and some were not. All sorts of things were going on. I stood against a wall and just “watched” and seen “everyone” looking as if they were having a great time. I went to “dance” and as soon as I started “dancing”, I could see that the close I got to “everyone” the more pain they were in. Although they looked like they were having fun, they were not. With that, I stood back again and realized how painful it was to “dance” with them. My entire body ached and I was “thirsty” and “hungry”. There was no “food”. The “water” was muddy. I thought it would make me feel good to go but it didn’t. It made me worse than I was before I got there. With that, I seen the “party” starting to get worse and more “Adult”. They were telling crude jokes and no one was left out of them. Including my “Mom” and “Dad” and my entire “Family”. they started off as funny jokes, and then after a while, EVERYONE began to believe the “jokes” to be “Truth”. Which they were not. There was all sorts of bad things taking place at this “party”.

Remembering what my “Dad” had said, I wanted to leave. There were people at the “door” who wouldn’t let me. They kept pushing me back in telling me your “Dad” wont mind. I knew He would. I didn’t listen to Him. With that, my “Brother” came in. I was SO happy to see Him. I cried and cried! He came “looking” for me. He was calling and calling, and I called back to Him. He wasn’t smiling when He seen me and grabbed hold of my hand. I could tell He was more focused on bringing me out of the mess I had gotten myself into. It took a while to get out of the “party”. I was sobbing so much as He pushed His way through the mob that were beating Him on His way out. By MY actions, my “disobeying” my “Dad” my “Brother” laid His life down to pull me out of that “party” and bring me back to my “Dad”. He carried me out the entire way.

I didn’t realize how “far away” that “party” is from our “home”. My “Brother” and I are still making our way back “home” and He will not let go of my hand. No matter what I did at that “party”, makes no difference, as long as I’m not still there doing it. I did a lot of things that hurt my “Dad” at that “party”. The biggest being to not listen to His Word in the first place. My “Brother” tells me all the time now, “Don’t let go of My hand”, “Dad” will forgive you because He loves you very much. He sent Me to save you.

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