Yesterday Pope Frances reflected on “Silence”. Pope: silence guards one’s relationship with God. I have been struggling with this for many years. Since my conversion began back in 1998. There are no coincidences. I truly feel as if my journey is over in seeking some sort of answer for what has taken place in my life. The changes that have overtaken every aspect of who I used to be, and who God has created me to be. As I went out to lunch yesterday, “Fire on the Earth” on Immaculate Heart Radio was on and answered EVERY question I have had since my conversion began. Everything is out of my hands. I cannot control a thing that takes place in what I see, hear, or in what other do. Everything is in God’s hands. All I can control is my sinfulness through repentance and the Sacraments our Lord has given to us. All I need to know is that the reason for all of this is simply because God loves me and I am a child of God. I am called to live this life as His.

That is the best gift anyone can receive. Forgiveness and repentance from the sinful life I had led is only achieved through the grace He has given me. I accept His gift freely and without any soul on earth coming to me to say YES! It was Him. Or NO! That is not Him. You see, “Silence” is our Lords way of allowing the soul to discern what is from Him and what is not. Silence is the way He speaks the loudest. The way He allows us to continue on to Him without a push or force, but freely. What truly is odd about Pope Frances comments is that I made a Christmas Video to share with all. It was made over a week ago and it does exactly as Pope Frances has asked. Taking into account the first video I made was deleted by another media outlet because it contained things with a copyright. Its okay. Everything happens for a reason. Here it is:


I have spent many years speaking about my experience’s and trying way to hard to explain to souls who could never comprehend what our Lord has done with me, to me, and it truly is personal. For me and only today, after 15 years of this journey, I have come to understand there isn’t a soul on earth that can answer for Him. That can justify for Him what He has done to me. It is truly Him who I seek. Him who I live for and Him who I give the glory to for all that has taken place. I have said all I need to say. Now, I leave this blog, and the talking and actions and everything to our Lord. I pray that I have not said too much. It truly is time for me to be silent and relish in the gifts our Lord has given to not just me, but to all who seek Him.

This does not mean that I return to the old way of life but continue on in the new life He has given to me. I continue to pray for all until He calls me back home. I truly have PEACE! This is not the end. But the beginning.

Merry Christmas. Life is His wonderful gift!

‘Speak, Lord, for Your servant is listening.’

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