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Memorial Day 2014

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Dear Heavenly Father,

With a sober heart we come before You this Memorial Day. We pause for a moment and call to mind all the men and women who have died in the service of our nation since 1776.

Dear God, please look with mercy on our brave and selfless brothers and sisters, who did not shirk from their task but gave themselves completely to the cause of defending and protecting us all. Bless all who have given their lives for the sake of liberty, and grant them eternal rest with You.

We remember also our brave men and women now serving in our Armed Forces, both at home and abroad. Dear God, send out Your angels to protect them all. Help them discharge their duties honorably and well. Please bring them safely home to their families and loved ones. Please bring Your peace and mercy to our troubled world.

We ask this, Father, in the name of Jesus, Your Son, our Savior and Lord. Amen.

(Taken from The Roman Catholic Parish of Saint Charles Borromeo | Peoria AZ)

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Catholic Schools WAKE UP!

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The state of the Catholic School System has been in need of a revamp since the 70’s. There are good schools & not so good schools. The problem I see all arround: When a farmer plants seeds, he does not just throw them anyplace on the ground & hope for the best. And that has been what is taking place in the Catholic Schools for some time.

When Religion Class is placed with Art & Gym on the Report Card, it shows the same way in the school and because everything else is more important, reading, writing, math, etc, Religion is placed on the back burner and in some Catholic Schools, only taught once a week. If we are called to place God First, why are we teaching our Children to place Him last? If the Catholic Schools are to be teaching the next generation of Soldiers for Christ, you have to ask yourself, what kind of boot camp only trains its soldiers once a week?

Religion, and GOD, need to be brought back INTO the First Light. Meaning the faith should be taught DAILY, Altar Servers prep class should be mandatory and an since we have the CCC, like public schools, it should be MANDATORY to have to pass a test on the Catechism of the Catholic Church, which is the Constitution of the Church, in order to graduate, like public schools require children to pass the constitution test. Or used to, in order to graduate.

Back to the Farmer at the beginning of this that I mentioned: When a “Farmer” plants “Seeds”, he checks them daily as they are growing. He makes sure they have enough “water” and “food” for the journey to become “Adult” plants to produce a BUMPER CROP! If he does not do this, the farmer starves as not name plants grow to see adulthood and end up as food for the “animals”. If a Roman Catholic School is only teaching children about God Once a Week, what makes the school any different than a Public School where children can attend RCIA once a week? Come on!

“You have forgotten God your Savior; you have not remembered the Rock, your fortress. Therefore, though you set out the finest plants and plant imported vines, though on the day you set them out, you make them grow, and on the morning when you plant them, you bring them to bud, yet the harvest will be as nothing in the day of disease and incurable pain.” Isaiah 17:12-11

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Thank You My Beautiful Sister

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17 May 1925, Canonization of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux…
This is the second time I have seen this quote from Saint Thérèse of Lisieux and it hit me. The “second” name of my blog is “Painting a Picture of Christ”. I find it funny that such a saint as Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, if you have read her book, could pull me so close to our Lord. In more ways than I could ever describe that anyone could comprehend.. Last Friday, I received the call from Mama Mary, that I would be received into the Third Order of Carmel, July 12th, 2014, on the feast day of St. Veronica.


There is no greater Sister a sinner in this world could have in this beautiful Saint of our Lord’s, Saint Thérèse of Lisieux.

Thank you my sister, for all the wonders you have shared with me, for all the intercession and for all of your prayers for me.

The other day, my children were asked to bring a flower to the School Mass, for May Crowning for Mama Mary. After dinner Monday night, I gathered my girls together and went outside to head out to purchase a few flowers, so they wouldn’t go empty-handed. As I got to the bottom step of my front porch, I noticed my rose-bush had two beautiful rose buds, just ready to open.

Please keep in mind, most of my garden, since my illness, including some fruit trees, have died and most everything is in need of being ripped out, with the exception of this rose-bush, that I had not watered in some time, it was beautiful. This particular rose-bush is called “Chocolate Rose” or “Hot Cocoa Rose”. Which I now call the “Carmelite Rose”. Its natural color is a deep beautiful reddish deep brown. I don’t have a camera, so I got online to look for pictures of this rose and I found this one:


As I started looking for a good photo to post of them, Our Lady of Mount Carmel came to mind with the Carmelites because of the color of the Rose. It screamed Carmelites Habit. Keep in mind, this is not my rose-bush, but a Chocolate Rose Bush. There was ZERO doubt this was from. They, the flowers from the living rose-bush were presented to Mama, as I know they were intended for her.

This particular rose (photo) was seen last year in Kent England. It is IMPORTED from (drum roll) France: (From the photo Credit) “By the way, I saw a brown rose last year in Kent. It was wonderfully exotic. The color was that of milk chocolate. But, that is not my rose. The flower seller told me it was from another country and I found out it was France and she was importing flowers. The French developed this rose. Some of her flowers were sent from far away. Flower sellers have interesting information on types and countries of roses, btw.

St Thérèse of Lisieux, pray for us. Thank you for your intercession. Lord Jesus Christ, I love You!

What did she mean by her “Shower of Roses”

Experience has shown that St. Therese’s “shower of roses” is both figurative and actual. As she was dying in the convent infirmary, Therese could look out and see the rose bushes blossoming. She loved roses. She had thrown rose petals as a Child before the Blessed Sacrament. As she reflected on her quiet, hidden, and gentle life ending, she believed in faith that God had great things in store for her. She believed that her mission was only beginning as she entered the fullness of life with God. She explained: “After my death, I will let fall a shower of roses. I will spend my heaven doing good upon earth. I will raise up a mighty host of little saints. My mission is to make God loved…”

Shortly after her death, the rain of roses began. Sometimes roses literally appeared, and sometimes just the fragrance of them. Cures of painful and fatal diseases and many other miraculous experiences were attributed to her intercession. Sometimes people found inner peace and regained an inner warmth of spirit and confidence, by appealing to St. Therese. Many miracles and actions of St. Therese do not involve roses. More often than not, marvelous things happen in people’s lives as they ask for her heavenly intercession. The miracles, healings and inner peace come from the trust one places in God, not from any manifestation of roses. St. Therese lived in the dark night of the senses and spirit, with little consolation. Thus, the friends and followers of St. Therese expect no consolation of sighted roses that their prayers are being answered. Her “little way” is about child-like trust and gentle love. She is the great apostle of faith in God’s love, not simple reliance on physical signs. Jesus warned us, and Therese experienced that the desire for signs is a sign of weak faith. It is always important to remember that St. Therese did not experience extra-ordinary phenomena in her life. Her faith was refined and strengthened by God.

Roses are Therese’s signature. It is her way of whispering to those who need a sign that she has heard, and God is responding. Thousands of people have given witness to the way Therese responds to their petitions and prayers with grace and roses. The grace is more important than the roses. So many miracles have happened through the intercession of St. Therese without any roses appearing – usually the deep inner peace of accepting God’s will and seeing His loving plan and presence is the “rose” experienced. Sometimes the lack of a physical “rose signature” is an affirmation of a strong faith.

One does not pray for roses. Therese’s message is about simplicity and love in the ordinary events of life. Trust in Therese is important, and when she wills, roses or their fragrance may appear. The stories are remarkable how roses have shown up in the lives and experiences of people, especially in the darkest times. The ordinary and constant way these roses and graces have shown up in people’s experience is extraordinary. It is important to always maintain the rose of confidence that our All-Loving God hears and responds to our needs, according to the mysterious ways of His Love.

Glory to God!


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Protect Our Lord



Now that the black mass has been exposed and people understand how precious our Lord is in the Eucharist, BE ADVISED! Protect Him at all cost! Eucharistic Ministers be not afraid to tell people to consume our Lord at the time they receive Him. Better safe than Sorry! PROTECT OUR LORD in the EUCHARIST! I beg you!

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us

Lord have mercy on us all

Glory to God

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Today Is The Day


You don’t have to show me a soul who loves God, as God shows you that soul Himself. St. Florian, please help to put out the fires of hell, in souls who do not understand how hurtful the sins they commit are to our Lord. Help repentant sinners to put out the fires of sinfulness, as you have helped me, in which were started through my own fault. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

There is no distance nor amount of time that could stand in the way, of getting my Lord a glass of water.. Please read here

In 1930, on this date My Great Uncle Mikulas was ordained a Roman Catholic Priest. 56 years ago, my “God Mother”, my oldest sister, received the Sacrament of First Holy Communion. On this date in 1975, My Great Uncle Mikulas celebrated Holy Mass for the 50th Anniversary of my Grandparents, which at that time, I received the sacrament of First Communion One year ago today, my husband & I were married in the Roman Catholic Church. My “God Mother” was Matron of Honor.

Today is the day the Lord has made Let us rejoice and be glad Glory to God

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Something very profound took place as I was laying the hospital ER, on a stretcher last week that I know in my heart our Lord needs me to share.

It was before they understood what was taking place with my heart and in all honesty, they thought it was nothing and wanted once again to send me home. It was our Lord in my heart, telling me to tell them, I needed to stay. SO they kept me overnight.

As I was laying on the stretcher, they had given me a painkiller, to numb the chest pains I was having at the time. Nothing extreme like morphine or anything like that. It was just to dull the pain to get my breathing rate to come back to almost normal.

The nurse left the room, my husband had left me to attend his class and I relaxed as much as I could. I knew our Lord was with me as He had made it so blatant that He was with me. I began to feel all the water from all places in my body pull away and I became so thirsty. My lips began to chafe and my tongue became dry. “I Thirst” rang out all through me as I knew our Lord was allowing me to see His pain. His “Thirst”. For a very long time, I sat and thought of nothing but Him on the cross. Gazing only on Him in His pain. I felt a wave of all the water that had been pulled away wash over me, so gently that the moisture returned and watered my very soul.This took place many times that day in the ER and I am sure our Lord needs to have you hear.. “I Thirst”.

Yesterday, the couple who bring me our Lord in the Eucharist, brought me blessed salt and Holy Water for drinking. The entire experience rang out to me, and when I received our Lord, after my deep prayers with Him, I grabbed a glass, poured that Blessed Holy Water, tasted it, and handed the rest to my husband…..

I ponder that there is no amount of time to separate me, no amount of suffering, no amount of loss or gain, that can stop me from quenching my Lord and my God’s thirst…

I love Him. I’m in love with Him.

Glory to God


Passion Week (Holy Week): Good Friday

I Thirst. – The Fifth Word from the Cross

by Most Rev. Fulton J. Sheen

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