Praying Is Never Wrong

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If you have issues with Pope Francis praying with Muslims and Jews and Orthodox, don’t point fingers at him and find fault, look in the mirror and fix what is wrong with yourself. Prayer is NEVER a bad thing. There is only ONE God, ours. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Might I suggest to thoes who find fault to re read this…

Vatican Council And Papal Statements On Islam

Along with this….

ON OCTOBER 28, 1965

8 responses to “Praying Is Never Wrong”

  1. Reblogged this on Catholicboyrichard 2.0 and commented:
    I SO appreciate this post, and had in fact shared something similar on my FB page earlier today. We cannot possibly object to the prayers of others, even if they are based on beliefs about God we ourselves may not espouse, if the persons have good will and are offering them with kindness and sincerity. It is only when we are more concerned with technicalities than world peace that we could possibly take issue with the great generosity of our Holy Father Pope Francis in doing that which is truly unprecedented. May we all pray with him on this Pentecost Sunday weekend–and pray for a just and lasting peace. God bless each party in this event.


    • We are all called to live as Christ lived — to love our fellow humans, to forgive them when they have done wrong, and to pray. To pray for salvation, to pray for peace, to pray for love, to pray for forgiveness. Pope Francis, (a Jesuit, I might add!!!), is setting an example of how we should all live, whether we are Christian, Jew, Muslim, or something else.

      My parents, devout Catholics, taught us at a very young age to love all our neighbors. One of my best friends is Jewish. He attended my ordination and I was his best man at his wedding. We pray together each time we visit, whether in person or by telephone.

      When we pray together, when we share our beliefs about God, we realize how similar we are. God is Love. To love God, we must also love our fellow humans. God bless Pope Francis and all who he touches.


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