The Sower And The Seed


Todays Gospel, The Parable Of The Sower And The Seed (Matthew 13:1-23),is one that I have pondered over an over. My love for our Lord so deeply set in the “seed” when I was young. Loving Him so, and as age set in, so did the influence of the world. I was “carried away”. I was devoured by the “bird” of the world while I sat on the path. Being swallowed in sin and constant turbulence in the bowels of the world and worldliness. Taken into total darkness, wondering where I was, Where God was, and then becoming so indifferent to Him, surrounded by death and destruction, but still knowing there is a God, as I kept the “original form” that baptism had given to me. Knowing as I moved through the bowels of sin, that God was real. Somewhere. He had to be.

My conversion of heart came! I was still that little seed, but covered in the “poop” of my sinfulness as all worldliness and worldly desire is poop. As I hit the ground,and repentance came, the more I turned to the Grace our Lord offered me, His light shone on me and through constantly receiving His sacraments I was “watered”, washing away the “poop” of my mortal sinfulness.

I started to “sprout”. This little plant, in the beginning, couldn’t see above much as I struggled and tried to stretch up to receive more and more of the LOVE that our Lord was giving to me. I could see other beautiful flowers and a huge tree but I was so close to the ground, all I could do, was to look “Up”.

Yesterday, as I had finally reached a growing point, I looked arround. I realized I had been planted in the “Garden of our Lady of Mount Carmel”. This realization does not give me a pass not to grow any further. On the contrary, now, using all the gifts I have been given by our Lord, I must THRIVE in His Light and Love, to ensure I am not a “weed” but rather able to produce “Fruit” that is pleasing to our Lord. For our Lord.


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