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New Direction


This will be my final post..

It’s not that I am going to stop pondering as that is truly something our Lord has blessed me with. Not going to stop attending daily Holy Mass or Adoration or being a Third Order Carmelite. But it is time to move forward. I truly feel this goes with all my “social media”, as I am starting to see this as being anything but social. More like anti-social. Much in the way I am viewing the whole Facebook Wall as it separates us from the reality of one on one conversation and actual contact with the outside. We become unable to see others in a “Natural” Light and give and receive true peace, mercy, compassion, warmth and Love. Unable to “hear” the words those you love are trying to say. Therefore adding to the confusion of being misunderstood and misunderstanding the others. Making it a platform for jumping to conclusions…

I believe I am still called to write, but in many ways, more seriously in my personal journal off the internet. Although this has started as such, it’s becoming a temptation for me to look and see who has read it. To see if anyone “gets it”. To see if anyone is “hearing”, only now understanding, God does and that is all that matters.

I will continue to pray for everyone and I ask you to please keep me in your prayers.

I love you.

Peg Demetris
Always Pondering


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God’s Bucket Chalenge


I smiled a bit last night at Holy Mass, pondering about the worlds idea of the Ice Bucket Challenge, and our Lords while reciting the Responsorial Psalm: “I will pour clean water on you and wash away all your sins.” Ezekiel 36:25 The key words being “I WILL”. If the world only knew..

Taking into account the Ice Bucket Challenge funds are donated to embryonic stem cell research, it’s not for me. I seek to live this life in Christ. Respecting His gift of baptism to promote life. Not destroying it.


From CNA:


In a statement released Aug. 20, the archdiocese voiced concerns over the ALS association’s support of embryonic stem cell research, which requires the destruction of embryonic life.

“The archdiocese is not dissuading individual Catholics from making donations, but they are encouraged to be fully informed and make their own prudential judgments.”

“The Archdiocese of Cincinnati has determined that its Catholic schools will not, as organizations, donate to that particular charity,” it read.

“To quote St. John Paul II, ‘Any treatment which claims to save human lives, yet is based upon the destruction of human life in its embryonic state, is logically and morally contradictory, as is any production of human embryos for the direct or indirect purpose of experimentation or eventual destruction.’”

The John Paul II Medical Research Institute (JP2MRI) is a secular non-profit research institute “grounded in a pro-life bioethic that respects the dignity of every human life,” according to their website. They conduct research to advance technology to treat diseases such as ALS, cancer, Alzheimer’s and other more rare diseases.


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