Ecology Of Pope Francis


Ecology of Pope Francis.

LISTEN UP! What Pope Francis is saying, (IMHO) is when you place love of God, Abba Father, above ALL ELSE, there would be no need to talk about a clean environment, saving abused animals, ending abortion etc. because it would BE CLEANER, they would be “saved” because placing your love for Him above all else, trickles down and shows in your love for all His creation and creatures. “Right Praise” and “Right Worship” becomes doing what is right and just. Faith and works. Its the love relationship.”“If you love me, you will keep my commandments” <–click there

End of rant. It all starts with YOU! “Who do YOU say that I am?” LIVE IT!


the branch of biology that deals with the relations of organisms to one another and to their physical surroundings.

Our Lords way of “Global Warming”

EDIT TO ADD: Pope Francis today in Philly 9/26/2015


EDIT TO ADD: Beautiful! Shared with me today on Twitter 10/3/2015


Yes Lord. I love You.

Please, also read “Light Pollution” written February of last year.

EDIT TO ADD: 10/4/2015 I had never read the below article before tonight and it brought me great JOY to do so. Please read it fully at the link provided. It originally was posted 2/10/15 but was recently posted 10/1/15 again. I am starting to see that this post is shaping to be the Ecology of Abba Father. Glory, praise and honor to our Lord. We are called to be stewards of His creation and that includes being “our brothers keepers”. Love for Him above all else is a written guarantee, backed by Him, for love of neighbor. Love of neighbor is a written guarantee of love for all creation and creatures.

The image of man, formed from the dust of the earth and enlivened with the breath of God, is a description of relationships rather than origins. It succinctly describes our unbreakable bond with creation and our relationship with God, the source of all life. The image of man naming the creatures formed from the earth implies our responsibility for creation, and is echoed in the recent encyclical of Pope Francis. In the spirit of Genesis, it is a sacred duty to care for the creation entrusted to us.

The Creator’s reflection that “it is not good that man should be alone” takes us to the heart of our humanity. The Creator has endowed us with a restless longing that cannot flourish in isolation. Our humanity is whole only to the extent that it finds itself in relationships both with God and with each other.From the Catholic Herald: by Bishop David McGough


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3 responses to “Ecology Of Pope Francis

  1. David

    I believe he is wrong on the environment, capitalism and not speaking out on the scourge that is Islam. He did not meet with the political prisoners and dissidents in Cuba but visits murderers in our prison. We took in 1.7 million immigrants last year, that is not counting illegals. Why does the Vatican have a wall around it? To keep the people in or out. How much wealth do they have? Should not they sell all they have and fellow Jesus? I am a Catholic but I am disappointed in this radical Marxist. There is always something that sounds good in any message but the whole message should be examined. Who does he have advising him on the environment? Is he a communist that believes in abortion and population control? His message is liberation theology. Capitalism has done more for humanity than any other system. Name one that is better. He knocks capitalism but where does most of the Catholic donations come from? Maybe I or we should stop making donations because our money is tainted. Pass the hat to ISIS. I have not heard him say much about the antiquities being destroyed in the Middle East and the Christians being beheaded and killed. He should be speaking out regularly on their barbarism and the abuse and trafficking of girls, and women. I believe his priorities are misplaced. It makes me sick his stands on things. And the people go crazy for him like Obama. I guess we are living in the last days.


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    The Global Warming Of Hearts


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