Holy Guardian Angel Of Mine


Holy Guardian Angel Of Mine
You who have been appointed to me
Hand picked by our Lord from the beginning
I truly, whole heart and soul submit to our Lord in all His ways
May I, with His grace always, cooperate
You guide me at His mighty command, every second of every day
Watching the paths on which I tread and every word that I have said
Every thought in my head
Even at dusk and through the dark night
Ever present, ever awake
You truly are my friend
I’m sorry
For all the times I did what I pleased in evil ways
Never giving a thought that you too my friend were in need
Of bring me home to our Lord at His heed
May we never lose The Way
Please Holy Guardian Angel Of Mine
Take me home to Him Who Is, my Lord and my God, my friend, on that day
That we both may rest for all eternity in the joy of our Lord
Let it be known, forever be said
I repent, I bequeath this day, and give right now,
My heart, my soul, my body, my entire life
To our Lord, Jesus Christ

October 2, 2015 Feast Day of the Holy Guardian Angels


One response to “Holy Guardian Angel Of Mine”

  1. Beautiful! Our “silent partners” whose presence is often overlooked or taken for granted. I’m so thankful to God for my Angel. I am well guarded and thankful to be so.


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