2016 New Year Of Mercy


Tomorrow marks the 49th year I have been a child of God, but i never understood it, nor even remembered for most of my life that I actually am, a child of God. I was baptized on January 1, 1967. Just three weeks after I was born.

In all the years that have passed, the trials, tribulations, joys and sorrows, tears and laughter, this morning, it dawned on me in a beautiful way. I have spent most of my life painstakingly looking for “something”. This morning, our Lord allowed me to understand, what I had been looking for, was never gone. It was Him.

We spend more time looking for Him, or better yet, what we “assume” to be Him, rather then accepting Him. We spend more time trying to find Him rather than trying to find out where our relationship is with Him. He is always here. He is constantly waiting for us as we constantly run away from Him.

In this new year, I pray for souls to stay put. To accept our Lord as He is, therefore accepting who we are. I pray that more souls pick up the gifts He has given to us through the Holy Spirit and use them. I pray souls begin a prayer life pleasing to our Lord. I pray more souls do the will of Abba Father, and love and serve our Lord more deeply in one another.

May our Lord Jesus Christ, be with us always, bless us in this new year and may we all use the grace He has given to us all, for the greater glory of God and not self.

Blessed, healthy and joyful New Year to all. Prayers for all to take our Lord up on this beautiful Year of Mercy and do what He has created us to do. Amen

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