New Year, New Life


Welcome 2016! As just as this past year, glory praise and honor to our Lord for allowing us all to live to see it come and 2015 go. To be able to be charitable to the least among us and to share thoughts and experiences with you all.

The health concerns I had, are no longer a concern and to God be the glory. All the results of my tests came back and cleared me for any concern for serious illness, although painful muscle spasms in the bile ducts are to blame for a multitude of problems I have experienced for a few years now. Its a condition know as SOD <— See the link. All controllable with the correct medication. I pray for souls who also have this condition as its not easy to detect and family often times lose patience with you when the tests you undergo come back negative but the pain and miserable condition of your life in this pain and suffering, continues.

With this new year comes new life for me. A life now, that has placed all the issues of medical concern behind with hopes of living an even more a deeper life in Christ. I pray now, for greater changes in my home life as my children are becoming older and feel a bigger need to up our family prayer life. As of now, my children & I pray the Rosary daily and we actually look forward to this time we are granted to pray together. I feel a need to introduce Divine Office to them, just Vespers to start, before we pray the Rosary to together. That is my goal for 2016. To help my children learn the faith in a deeper, lasting way, to help them in their lives to come.

As we begin 2016, I have come to realize this year and the years to come, have nothing to do with me and need to be dedicated through the service of our Lord for others. Use me Lord, and do with me as You see fit. All glory, praise and honor is Yours. Amen


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