Praying For The Living And The Dead

Praying for the soul of David Bowie, or anyone else you may not like, agree with, can’t stand, find fault with, can’t identify with, or love, is a spiritual work of mercy. One to be focused on when tempted to condemn. When the world loses one of its prized possessions, its best to enter into the sadness with them rather than mucking up the waters with more dirt. When the world is saddened with a loss, its best to bring the Light into their darkness of grief and mourning.

I found David Bowie to be a fantastic entertainer. Different. Unique. I don’t know the struggles he faced in his life. I didn’t know him personalty nor had I ever met him, nor attended any of his performances. I didn’t know he was so sick. I don’t know that much about his personal life at all.

I do know his music.

I do know he was created in the image of God as you and I were. Created in His image, who’s soul is now in need of prayers, the same as you and I, still here in exile. May we pray together always, for all in this world. May our Lord bring us His peace.

Eternal rest grant unto David Robert Jones O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon him. May he and all the holy souls in purgatory rest in peace. Amen.

Edit to add:

More Than One Day – Homily given a while back by FATHER THOMAS C. GIBBONS, CSP,

Music artist David Bowie died Sunday, January 10. Below is a homily I gave a number of years ago based on his Live Aid performance of “Heroes” (with accompanying YouTube video).

RIP, Ziggy.


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