What IS and IS Not New Evangelization


Always look for the fruit… If it is rotten, it will condemn, puff up with self pride and bring with it personal condemnation of ______________________ (misinformation of the day). “Misery loves company”, which freezes us in a position of contempt for __________________________ (fill in the blank with anything but the sin we ourselves are committing). In which we can not move forward. Yes. Its sort of like playing Mad Libs today because I want YOU to think. As this is not ” New Evangelization” but the “old man” putting on a new mask.

From “You’d Better Not Pout” by Curtis A. Martin

Each of us could compose a long laundry list of all the
challenges, frustrations, and temptations to anger we encounter in
our families and within the Church: Dissent from Church teaching,
liturgical abuses, and division (to name a few examples) exist,
but to become consumed by these problems would be to go directly
against Sacred Scripture, which calls us to let our mind dwell on
good and wholesome things (cf. Phil. 4:8). This doesn’t mean we
ignore or deny that these difficulties exist, but neither should
we become preoccupied with them.

If it is good, it will be a blinding light to silence and dispel misery, with compassion (which comes with hope, mercy and joy) and not always pity, (pity does not come with hope but despair) cause one to ponder, and fill what is lacking, bringing mercy, joy and hope, with all the gifts of the Holy Spirit. It will cause one to seek for more to fix a problem, or be open to correction and not drop the subject. With a deep need to share with others for love of neighbor through love of Christ above all else. Including our personal desires for the Church, outside of our desire for Christ Himself. Putting on the “New Man”, casting away all masks.

Curtis A. Martin goes further to state…

Pope John Paul II has called Catholics to participate in a “New
Evangelization.” This mission has two components. First, we must
individually recommit ourselves to Christ and His Church. Only
through a deep, personal conversion to Christ will we be able to
respond effectively in evangelizing others (we can’t give what we
don’t have). Second, we must radiate to others our love for Christ
and His Church, sharing it with family, friends, co-workers,
neighbors ‹ everyone, whenever the opportunity arises.

To do this, we need joy. Our commitment to Christ, a strong prayer
life, and frequent reception of the sacraments will sustain and
deepen our joy and will bear other good fruit: “love, joy, peace,
patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-
control” (Gal. 5:22-23). The absence of these fruits in our lives
indicates a need for deeper personal conversion and recommitment
to Christ and His Church.

Please read and ponder here

Think! Does what I am about to say or write, radiate to others our love for Christ
and His Church? Or does it try to extinguish it?


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