Advent’s Second Week

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Where have I not? What is missing? Where am I struggling, Lord?

Continuing on the journey to our Lord, as one’s sight is restored in the spiritual, its easy to see that as the days quickly pass, its not one day which passes, but that one day becomes a string of all days, and then becomes all time. Contemplating this Sundays Gospel, I continue with last weeks message of I must decrees and He must increase.

How? By allowing God to be God and accepting I am not Him. I am however, trying to be Him. Where the message becomes foggy is in our own interior spiritual pride. We often forget that even our Lord did not deem equality with Him something to be grasped at, but became a servant to all.  Where then must I begin to be best like Him? By not assuming to be loved or understood by anyone in the world. The world is at enmity with God. Why would they love you? Why would they understand you? They reject Him, they will reject you.

One of the heaviest positions in our Lords cross, is being alone among many whom we love, who do not know Him nor love Him, but we love anyway. This position, sees much suffering. Suffering that belongs completely to our Lord, in which He shares it all with you. Why are they not listening? Why do they continue to ignore? How can they do this to one another? Do they not know that all this pain, all these sins are directed at our Lord to hurt Him? Like a soul in a pit of vipers, being bit time and time again. No. They do not see this, because they do not know Him. Just as you did not know Him before you loved Him in return for His love for you on the cross. And the bites of these snakes, are not poison to the virtuous soul because they do not act nor react to the poison with poison. But with love.

Repent! Know that you are not here to be loved, but to love.  That was the message received  to my heart in contemplation of this second Sunday of Advent. Pride demands acceptance of all that I am, as it seeks something that it does not have. It looks for anything to place on the interior thrown where our Lord should be seated. Even taking the seat for oneself.

Humility, where as, is acceptance of all that is I AM. The good, the bad, the unknown. Trusting completely in His Sovereignty. Thus, He is able to increase, and you decrease. Allowing  the soul to then become one in Him.  He Is. He simply Is. He is all and everything. The mother of all virtues is humility. When we look at the virtues of the Virgin, it is she whom we must mirror in interior and exterior image, to which we can be sure that our Lord who came to her, should come to us. As He Is, she is blessed for all time, all eternity as the one the Way comes to stay. Why is this? Because of the timeless beautiful virtues which let Him in to be Him, accepting Him and all that which may come.  This is the peace of our Lord. To know that all the strife and suffering we undergo, is nothing compared to the love and promise of our Lord. So prepare! Decrease!

Come Lord Jesus!



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