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Michael Voris And Limiting God – EDIT UPDATE

501037pb72sjnq58EDIT TO ADD:

What ever allegations Mr. Voris is making in regards to the NY Archdiocese, is not the reason for my posting this story. As it stands, New York archdiocese denies allegation that it sought to smear Michael Voris.  Please do not use this as a launching pad to promote more hate, allegations or discord against the Bishops, Church or anyone else. I simply sought to extend a hand to a man who seemed to be in pain. I will continue to pray for EVERYONE in this matter and will as I always do, pray for everyone. Peace. Its never good to jump to conclusions. We all need to stop and pray for one another. To love one another. I truly do, love you all.

“I give you a new commandment: love one another.
As I have loved you, so you also should love one another.
This is how all will know that you are my disciples,
if you have love for one another.”


April 22, 2016

I have never been a fan of Michael Voris nor Church Militant. But I tell you from my heart, as a penitent myself, I truly respect him for this video as what he is saying is absolutely true about the power of our Lord for the worst of the worst sinners NO ONE loved or could love, but our Lord. God bless him.

Our Lord BEAUTIFULLY uses our past, to fish for souls still in the past we left behind with His grace, and in His own way. When we are open about our past and honest that it IS in the past and no longer who we are, as our Lord “makes all things new”, there is more for our Lord to use, to bring souls closer to Him. Otherwise we are “Limiting God” on what He can use and can not use.

We always have our own idea of where we think our Lord is calling us and what He is asking us to do. Our limited view says what we think, but our Lord is not limited to our view or understanding..



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The Blame Game Fake War

kingdom of God

When ever anyone says to you that there is a war inside the Catholic Church, between the so-called “Diehard Faithful” and those who they perceive as not “faithful” as Michael Vois has done in his latest video, (SEE HERE) stop them in their tracks and say to them point-blank: The war is internal, not in the Catholic Church, but within each and every soul. Those who profess that thy know who the faithful are, are lacking in the faith themselves. As no one but our Lord knows what is each human heart. And what He is doing to build the “Temple “inside each of us, through His Church. To incite a war where there is none, is not as our Lord has asked of any of us and all that becomes of such nonsense is diversion and division away from the faith not a “Gathering” as we know is the fruit of the Holy Spirit. I pray for the entire Catholic Church today, to understand “Common Ground” in our Lord. To understand how to pray for patience, when our patience is tested, by things that take place beyond our control. For acceptance to all our brothers and sisters in Christ, regardless of the amount of faith and grace they have obtained to date, and rather than condemn them, “For they know not what they do”, pray for them also, to become more “Christ Like “as we all are called to be. Forgive us Lord. All of us.

The “Blame Game” has been taking place since the fall in the garden. When Adam told God: “The Woman made me eat the fruit”. There is only so long we can place “blame” on others, until we see we have only ourselves to blame. When that takes place, humility is allowed to prosper and all the graces of God take hold.

How long do we sit and blame everything on Vatican II, the “Unfaithful”, “Altar Girls” and every other “distraction” away from the faith, rather then our own lack of faith our Lord, who brought us to all this, who will lead us through….

There is no reason today, to look back on the past 40+ years of “a bad catechesis” when we have all the tools we need today to pull closer to our Lord, in our Catholic faith NOW, today, and not to continue to sit and wallow in what we perceive to be failures. Pick yourself up out of the self-pity and dust off the cobwebs. The Kingdom of God is at hand.

Take responsibility! Lord! It is MY FAULT my faith in you is not as strong as it should be!

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