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Seek The Truth

I moved out to San Diego in 2002, and quickly learned its just not the same as back home. Certain things just don’t grow here. Someone, who has lived here for over 25 years, “Told Me” very adamantly that lilacs just don’t grow here. The climate doesn’t produce the flowers as they do on the East Coast or Midwest. I took it for gospel. Missing them very much and pondering how they used to grow in my mom’s back yard. Pondering long since passed on relatives who’s yards were lined with them in full bloom in the spring.

Until today. Well I have to say I will never stop thinking about my mom and my relatives living in Christ now, but I discovered today, just because someone has lived here for many many years, their not always a trustworthy source for information. The above picture was taken this afternoon. It is two giant lilac trees, right out in front of my house, on my neighbors property. Yes, I live in San Diego and they are in bloom. They have been there for some time, and so have I in this home. I did not want to believe they were lilacs, because someone told me they didn’t grow here….

Immediately my thoughts were brought to how in so many similar ways, my diversion away from the Catholic Church came just as easily, because I did not “Investigate” and seek the truth regarding her. I had so many questions regarding the Catholic Church as I was growing up spiritually, but rather then seek council from the Church, I would ask friends, who quite honestly at the time were far from “Faithful” and in many cases, family members who gave me advise THEY believed to be the truth, rather then the actual truth as it has been written and practiced for over 2000 years. I see this easy diversion away from the Church as a major stumbling block that needs to be voiced daily. If your not going to the source, IE Vatican, a Catholic Priest, Nun or Catholic Religious, for your information on the Catholic Church, chances are your getting the wrong information and are being led down a path that will leave you chasing your tail.

If it is Christ you seek. Seek a life in Christ with those whom already are on the path. Your not going to find it in the newspapers. Your not going to find it in friends who do not live a chaste life. Your not going to find it anywhere, but from the source.

“I sought the LORD, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears.” Psalm 34:4

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