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The “Holy See” Obama


In light of the Obama Administrations plans to “Downscale” the Vatican’s Embassy, in protest, I will be flying my flag of our Vatican City outside of my home, to show this Administration that the “Holy See” what he is doing.

Please join me by doing the same and praying for this nation, Blessed John Paul II, pray for us, Pray for solidarity among all Roman Catholics and all Christians and all faiths in the United States and around the entire world for peace. Jesus Christ our King, have mercy on us all.

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MSM VS Catholic Teaching


This quote goes for any information on the Catholic Church and her teachings with any source outside of the Catholic Church herself:

“Trying to learn and follow the teaching of Pope Francis as filtered by The New York Times is like asking the Pharisees, Sadducees and Judas to explain “what He really said”. – Father Aphorism

Would you go to a coffee-house and order a steak? Would you call a plumbing contractor to change a light bulb? Why in the world would ANYONE go to any source outside of the source itself to find information about the teachings of the Catholic Faith, or what the Holy Father has said? Its mind-boggling to think of so many souls that call themselves Catholic, that choose to believe those who are not, over the Church herself. Need information? Go to the Vatican Website to learn about your faith. Click Here: VATICAN – HOLY SEE

The Catholic Church, through our Holy Father, has not said anything she hasn’t said since the very beginning over 2000 years ago. It’s just now, you are finally hearing truth for the first time as the Holy Spirit is working diligently to break the hearts of stone and turn them back into flesh. The world in which we live is so hell-bent on the Catholic Churches destruction,
it has forgotten what the truth is and what it means to truly love. Before reading anything, pray. Pray to our Lord that He allows you to see the truth as it is, and not as someone has twisted it out of proportion for you to swallow, that when it hits the belly of your soul, it twists back and twists you out of proportion.

Lord have mercy on us all.

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